Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Captain fell out of my shopping bag!

Oh yes. I am melodramatic. Super melodramatic at times. I could only stay out of here for -counts- precisely 12 days. And I made it seem like 'now I'll be back only when am 40 and have 10 kids all screaming over the place'...


You know, sometimes you wish for a lot of things? This that this that...and in the back of your mind who have this tiny voice chanting 'You'r never going to get it you'r never going to get it you'r never going to get it' ? Happens to me all the time. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and thought about your life? It is just so random, but I think the most when I am waiting at railway stations. I see those 'eeeewwww' type men and wonder what it would be like to be married to them? Repulsive. And then I look at the lives of these glitzy and glamoury people.


The mother is extremely worried for the daughter. The mother really thinks I have lost my mind. Like the mother randomly calls me and questions me about random things. And when I throw up a confused look on my face, the mother goes "See See (to anyone / everyone / no-one who is present in the room) I told you she has been acting odd...I don't know what to do!"


Now my neighbor's rectangle faced baby has gotten herself a walker. So, she's drunk and driving all over the place in her 'vehicle'. And she got herself a haircut and watches spongebob and has a hot red coloured swimsuit and is now on her first ever vacation to GOA! I mean which baby has her first ever outing in frigging GOA in summer. She is already a 'cool' baby!


We'r now called 'Such a Cow' ! yay! I woke up one fine day (oh and after this special appearance by the lovely ladiej K-ay in the why-dont-I-blog-anymore deep thinking session) and realized that my blog depressed me. I don't care anymore if / if not the boring captain of the famous Titanic cried or made love or watched a soap opera before he died. I want to be mean and I want to be mean and therefore to everyone who visits me and my hot blog, I'll say, "Such a cow!" Oh i have no idea what it means, but well, it sure does sound like something mean and bitchy teeeheee!

So, Such-a-cow is back with loads of colourful hearts that are meant to hurt your eyes and hypnotize you...falalalalalaaaa

*Plays some Arabian music*

*Everybody starts belly dancing*

*Punk Camels start break dancing*

*Starts throwing refrigerators at the crowd*

Don't you love Meeeeeeeee?

15 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

tin girl said...

Hey shameless woman who calls only when she needs help and after that fucking vanishes without a trace. =|
Anyywayyy, you ARE mad aren't you?! lol, the new template is pure random/fun/crazy/colour overload+ silly doodles at the side + bozo like blog title = very you =P
Personally i prefer the new title!
niccce re. change is good. always.

Manjari Singh said...

i liked the post !!

Nads said...

I love the hearts and yes 'Such a cow' sounds mean..maybe you should call rectangular faced baby's mum that and see what happens! :P

The Me. said...

Ooh. I like! Its a feel-good template =D .
And LOL. 'Rectangle faced baby' is the funniest thing I've read today! Yay.

Parinita said...

This is very random but a couple of weeks ago I randomly thought that you'd make a great children's book author. Your words are very imaginative. So yes. And the new background is so awesome that my blog is jealous.

Harini said...

Haha... rectangled face baby? really?

Vintage Obsession said...

i totally know what you mean by , get up at night and think about life in general :) must say hon ,well written, indeed funny :)

K-ay said...

Omg my garam garam itam ledis!
You have brought a beeeeeg grin on my ph-ace!
And this is to let you know that all thos edirty uncles will fall under the train and *DIE*
And you and I will be neighbours in some very hi-fi society ok.
And our kids, they'll be so cool they will have their first vacation is Australia!
Now say nigga?!

Shreya said...

@rhea, errr, just been a lil busy, am really sorry ! I did feature you in the article, so will link it to you soon :)

@Manjari, thanks :)

@Nads, lol if i do that, my comeback blogpost will be the last one here :D

@The Me...you like ? you like? awwweeeyyy thankiess :)

@Parinita ....awwwww thank you :) One day i will pen a novel, first copy to you only i will give, free mein :P

@harini...REALLY! havent you read my posts on the rectangle face? :D

@Vintage Ob, thank you :)

@K-ay, my orange candy :P we weeeeeel be awesome neighbors and have kids and we will be so jobless am sure we'll hook them up with each other :P i just know it :P

Oh and, do not curse pervy uncles, quite a bit of our club theme is inspired from them you know :P

K-ay said...

Haha that bees true my love.
But at the end of the day a woman's go to do, what a woman's got to do.
A man's also got to do what a woman's got to do.
So I decide if I wnat them to lech at me ok! :P

P.S. Belly dancing? :O I am very impressed :D :D

K-ay said...

And yea, exchange of bachas must happen

Shreya said...

yesssssssssssss belly dancing. i know i know you'r going to push everyone to get to the middle of the dance floor :P

et said...

I lovvd your black n pink blog :|
I'l miss it, but somewhere I'm starting to like the all colorful little random hearts of fun ^o^

BoogieMonsterMan said...

You're such a cow.
MY cow ^__^
I'm adorable aren't I?
Oh yus.
You lav me.


I loveth ze b/g!

You? Mean?

patheticpari said...

apparently... throwing a cow means being extremely angry/throwing a tantrum.. i'm not sure which.. but... when used in a sentence... it could go like- "if mom found out i flunked eco, she's going to throw a horrible cow"
however.. i've never used that phrase.. but, a friend of mine commonly used it when i was in school... him and his elder sister who was 2 years above us..