Thursday, April 22, 2010

Camera's have little kids inside them. Who colour pictures for you.

I could hire a truck and drive away filmy style.

I could get bitten by a cow or a sparrow.

I could fall off a rickshaw.

I could get electrocuted while atop a train.

I could fall asleep in a roadside wastebin.

I could be at my wedding, smiling away to glory, and trip and fall into the pyre.

I could choke on a plastic bag.

Dude, I could want to freefall into the Ganges, scream of inner joy, attain peace, have my 'moment of truth', next, have some dead guy's hand in my mouth, and die of shock terror amusement whatnot.

So much could happen. But right now I don't really need a reason to shut ze hot blog for a while, i am just pulling the shutters down. I am just bored. But, my romance with this sexlikehot place isn't dead okay? Its just 'for a while'.

I know I'm awesome and wonderful and the best and you'll miss me and send me please come-back-emails and you'll come check this place everysingleminute for updates and all, but whattodo yaa, you have to move on mate! I can't be awesome all the time!

You know i meant to sound funny when i said THAT ^ :/

Hasta la vista, baby. Ekdum Arnold Schwarzenegger style.

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

et said...

oh. u 2 having teh blogger's break ??
its better to let going-away people to go away. and u'll come back, won't u? :)

din't figure out y u shut down while you're writing so awesomer than ever!

Vintage Obsession said...

like the header
And yes i wanna ride too :)

s3ayA said...

:(... another one of my addictions end... unexpectdly as usualy...

uglyduckling91 said...

When are you NOT awesome?

BoogieMonsterMan said...


Gagan said...

have a nice vacations and yup....wish it will be only for a while..

patheticpari said...

i knew it... photography's annoying.... and now i know why.... it's the fruit of CHILD LABOUR... just like firecrackers.....

Rishi said...

tussi ja rahe ho? tussi na jaao

RepublicOfChic said...

Come back emails? DON'T GO!