Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blinding lights and screaming voices reside in my head.

So I am lil Miss Annoyed today. Frown on the face and won't talk to anyone. -frowns-
Somebody called ME arrogant! Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyy? I ask so cause I am not arrogant

-one beeeeeeeg tear plops up-

I actually googled the word 'arrogant' out (oh btw, until I Googled it out, I thought it was spelled as 'arrogent' teeeheee dumb me !!) and read through the long list of synonyms and wondered if those words stood one on another and formed this human figure called 'Shreya'

-another beeeeeeeeeeeg tear plops up-

I wanted to give all those kind people who called me arrogant a nice big warm tight hug. So much for being this sweet to me.

Oh and I was waiting for my train to make an arrival at the station. And I turn left and there's this 'couple' holding themselves from coochiecooing. And I look away and turn right and then there's another 'couple' holding themselves from coochiecooing. Sandwiched and jobless that I was, I start looking left and then right left and then right. Both boys were leaning against this pole, very filmy style. And both girls were giggling. In two different cases. End of story.

Okay I am annoyed and wanted to annoy you too with this half told story.

And to those people who called me arrogant, I din't even say 'such a cow' to them :O

Jokes and jokes and jokes apart, do you honestly think am arrogant? And I will throw big boulders on your head if I get sugar coated answers.

8 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

soin said...

everyones arrogant.just the degree of it

BoogieMonsterMan said...

You're not arrogant..atleast you son't seem arrogant..
Ppl label you to be a lot of things and sensaationalize them.
Just taf their bums xD

patheticpari said...

it doesn't matter if you are... .
and... just so you know.. i don't think you are.. proud of being who you are.. yes.. arrogant.. no..

tin girl said...

Ouch. Labels hurt no? You DO come across as being kinda brash and a bit too blunt sometimes, which pisses people (read: me) off sometimes. GAH. There i said it. =/
A lil sugar serves its purpose ya know. (:

Crazy Diamond said...

proud and self respecting YES. arrogant NO

uglyduckling91 said...

Throw a big boulder now? :D

Rishi said...

big tear plops...

i think u aren't

Koo said...

New layout= Sex.

And yeah, it doesn't matter what 'people' think :P
It shouldn't!