Thursday, April 1, 2010

Throw rocks at them both sexes, sometimes I want to.

"When I was your age, I lost a tooth. Not my virginity."

I saw this group somewhere on Fa(r)cebook. No, tell me How is that possible? Why would anyone agree to that? What was the creator thinking?

I really want to know. Like I ain't a genius, but, you lose a tooth (naturally) when you are what? 7? 8? 9? 10? Is that when you suppose a certain xyz was busy losing her/his virginity? Was that what the members were thinking? At age 7? 8? 9? 10? Losing her/his effing virginity? No no tell me!

There are three possibilities.
  1. People who join are people who actually know such odd humans in reality.
  2. People who join are people who want to scream out loud : Hey! Look I am friends with a slut. How 'kewl' am I.
  3. People who join are people who want to scream out loud: Aiyyooo Devrey (Oh god) what a sin to not join the group. Else how will people know I am the i-am-so-goodie-halo's-above-my-head-crowd-my-face kinds?
I love such people. I love them cause they provide me such entertainment you have no clue.

If only we had more of 'them', the world would be a lamer place to live in. Bliss.

Are you one of 'them' my lovely people? -smiles patiently-

Oh we'r a 100+1, btw.
-pulls out a beeeeeeg 'Thank You' placard-
-music plays-
-everyone starts dancing like maniacs on the dance floor-
-randomly throws refrigerators at the crowd-

Free food is very costly sexxxy people, go home now. :D

28 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

oRange* said...

Exactly. We NEED such lame people, purely for entertainment. The world would be pretty dull and boring without them. Specimens, you see ..precious ones!

Bwaahahahaha @ throwing refrigerators! Refrigerators? WTF.

uglyduckling91 said...

Genius line, nonetheless. :D

Lavender said...

Oh aaaand congratulations Itamness :D

Lavender said...

Lol! Such lamooo people U tell you!

*Joins in the party and pushes everyone until she gets to center and dances like a maniac* =D

Manjari Singh said...

My god I just saw that group, how stupid
N I was 6 when I lost my first tooth

Amnn.......//1! said...

y do u care so much ,,,
does ta mean u have lost ur virginity ,,,??

Weirdo guy said...

we-ll... people do lose teeth at 13 also right ? and remember that british 12y.o kid who became a father at 13 ? i think the community was to take a dig at him !

Shreya said...

@oRange...are you surprised? refrigerators? coming from me? seriously? :P

@uglyduckling ... genius me :P

@Lavender... lady, don't act so. pushing hushing and all. I BUILT A STAGE FOR YOU to dance :D :D you lead, they maniacs follow!!!!! joined?? tell me tell me :P

@Amn... No man, I talk about a million things. If i say I'm throwing refrigerators, what makes you think i am actually doing that?

@Weirdo guy, Oye! you make sense, but, the comm, i somehow think we Indian culture ka people joining it makes odd sense.

tin girl said...

Shreya, you are supremely dense arent you? The group is SO obviously a fucking JOKE. Sarcasm, remember the word? And i lol'ed when i read the name because its witty as shite. Getaclue. Meant to take a stab at kids who start fooling around way too early. 'what was the creator thinking' indeed. And im probably going to come across as a simon cowell of sorts, but seriously apart from weirdo do ALL these people who have commented really not get it?! Pretty thick of ya'll. Anyway congo on finally reachin the big double o. And thanks for the refrigerator. Mine was startin to give out =P

Shreya said...

@rhea, what makes YOU think WE here are actually pondering over the issue?

And, i like it. to actually THINK about things people dont. you know that. and mostly its about these groups with heart wrenching names.

Its thick of you actually think that we'r all trying to make sense. Welcome to ze world rhea!

Oh no problems, take two...take a 500...they'r all from the junk yard :P

tin girl said...

Yes. Aye Aye. But you are illegitimate italian pasta without pisghetti sauce. And your hed is frozen from deep freeze juice.

And I make sense. Always. Lolax.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

ha ha are funny....:D

Parinita said...

Refrigerators *are* the hot topic of the month aren't they? And you know I got so excited reading Aiyyo Devrey because it sounds like something a South Indian aunty would say. Actually something my aunt would say.

Shreya said...

i say it all the time :D makes me feel like one heck of a proud southie :D aiiiyyooooooo devrey!!!!!

Niyati Gandhi said...

your post is awesome and everything-
but you must know-
i think your blog is awesome shit.
so awesome i think you can become like india uncut or the compulsive confessor.
no kidding.

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Aray hello ji xD

Do NOT ask why or where that came just did. ._.

ANYWHOZETS! I likez your header image, and boys and girls are stupid throw rocks at zem image.

Vattayn hanawr no?
No? NO?
Okay ]:

Yes. I tend to be that hyper ^__^

Shreya said...

@niyati, hey!!! thanks a ton :D
coming from someone i know personally matters!!!!!!!!
thanks again :)

@boogiemonsterman, omg i WONT ask where that came from cause if you'v read me up, you'll know am equally into such random words popping outta nowhere :P

Oh and i would LOVE it if you came back and blessed me with more such haaanars :D i becomings vaary happy shappy!!!!!

AnnSecret said...

I only go on Facebook once a month to reject all the weirdos who added me.

So, I wouldn't know :|

s3ayA said...

hilarious... n congrats on da 100+2

Remya said...

LOlll!! Where the hell was I all these days?!?!?! Looking for entertainment? Well, here it is! In your blog!!
Girl, I loved your theories..keep them coming ;)
Oh and congrats on the one-oh-two..lemme see ya reaching a fifty..but till then..*drum rolls!*

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Haha I read you for the phusht time and laved it xD

So I shall be hanaring you vary soonuh xD

Anonymous said...

throws refrigerators

Ally said...

Helllo can I join the club pliss? =P

Koo said...

BAHAHAHA! Refrigerators, seriously?! People could get killed y'know? :P

soin said...

if the orkut fraanseep people are not on fb a different group of people are there just for laughs.there are groups like i love my mother.its time to remove people from your lists when they invite you

Gagan said...

hey good one ..for these facebook freaks...they acted like 7,8,9,10..they better know wht is the tooth and all...

Rishi said...

so we deserve a party... treat all 100+6 now.. :)

Anirudh said...

2. People who join are people who want to scream out loud : Hey! Look I am friends with a slut. How 'kewl' am I.

Funny how such things are always associated with females (Refer 'slut'). Tsk.

And yes, we NEED the crowd. We thrive on their lame-ness. :D