Friday, March 26, 2010

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind and play a bit harder.

If I were a guy, I'd walk up to her, work my charm, win her. I would have made sure you lost.

Right now, I'm just a silent back row spectator. What makes you think you'r the smartest dog on Earth baby?

Standing there, laughing at a joke not even half as funny, eyes elsewhere, but the mind, it was this close to you. You had just walked across raging waters to get to the other side, using me. I never missed the twinkle in those eyes after you got there. And oddly, I'd build a million bridges for you to cross over if it only got a twinkle in those eyes. I want you to be gone with the wind...And never come back. I can't let you make me go weak in the knees.

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

oRange* said...

Omggg Shreya, i freaking loveddd it! I always tell you this but seriously, it just gets better!

The first four lines were the best ..but wait even the stuff in italics was ..okaay no..the whole thing was just awesomeee!

Shreya said...

orange, you either are sweet to me or are sweet to me, which one now? :D

oRange* said...

No, I just love what you write. I'm not that sweet you know, honest rather :P

Mansi said...


Koo said...

Okay, so, WOW.
That's it.

Somak said...

Nice. Honest. Painfully honest. And very connective. Keep it up.

tin girl said...

Okay I'm tired of labelling everything you write as 'cute' so lets try for another word.
Hm, yeah. Honest. You're honest. You don't complicate sentences, you don't cover up, you pick your words and don't dump too many in.
And thats the reason there're like 95 people following you right now, which means you connect.
Ouch, I'm pasting this again because apparently i made a mistake and you did right 'raging' waters and not waging. 0.o My bad.
Keep doing your thang girl.
This stuff isn't deep and everything which is probably why its appealing.

wildflower said...

the desperation is palpable,...wish we cud help that :(

Shreya said...

@every single body, thanks people :D

@rheeeee! thanks a ton, a special thanks! just like that :D

PS: actually, my bad, it was a typo which i corrected after i saw your comment :) thought i'd thank you after dinner, but by then you'd already gotten back here!!!! my bad my bad!

freelancer said...

damn this was freaking awesome!!!

soin said...

girls need such a lovely shot to say those stuff about her. by default we guys would walk up to