Saturday, March 27, 2010

I talk to the wind about my lost pencil. He says he'll find it.

I want to watch all the tacky movies in the whole wide world. I want to laugh. And then have some lame person tell me, "If you laugh so much, you will cry at night...mummy always says so." And then laugh again. Cause I want to know what it feels like to cry at night. I want to be the melodramatic girl next door.

I want to watch tacky movies. I want to watch all of them.
I think each of us must watch tacky movies. You know not what fun they are until you watch one.

Oh, I was watching CID the other day, actually, I watch it often, its like the local cheap drug available at all odd times.
And, they'r now going places. They'r outside their sexxxy workplace. Its so sex like, I can hear the walls sizzle, from behind the television screen.

My neighbor's cat, it (????) is blind. Keeps bumping into walls, doors and me. Reminds me of pervy uncles on the road. Maybe one of these days I'll tell Tikko to stop acting like pervy uncles.

I want to be a roadside romeo. There I said it. I want to be shameless and I want to be cheap. I want to be a trainside romeo by morning and a roadside one by night. This summer.

Its too bright. The happiness everybody is swimming in is too bright. I coil up in bed, draw the curtains and paint my own thoughts bright, connect stars and spell names I'd want to name my kids and pets after.

20 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Lavender said...

So random che!
The cat part really made me snort.
But Tikko?
Now you tell me why anybody on this planet will name their pet Tikko?!

Acha please elaborate on this Roadside Romeo point.
Interesting che :P

Shreya said...

arre itam! Tikko. cats anyway are lame. lame cats lame names :/

RR-giri! like seriously,imagine you stand on the footboard of a train and do everything those guys from the parallel running trains do? it must be fun exactly why they do it all the time :D i want to know what fun it is...!!!

The Me. said...

I love the new green guy you have up on your blog =d .
I love random 'i want to' posts. Feels so good to be write about that.

Somak said...

This post is rather depressing. The pervy uncles part is totally true though. I like to watch the activities of these guys sometimes as they ogle at girls in a stupidly obvious way. I loved the last paragraph a lot.

And good luck in Romeoing, if that's even a word. :P

PS: Have you seen my blog?? Do take a look and follow if you like it. Follow anyway if you don't. :)

Lavender said...

Dude after that CNN IBN day no, when i got off at marine Lines, this werido sticks his head out of the train and screams: Sweeeeet babbyyy :|

It was so weird man.
We should give them a piece of their cake!

Shreya said...

hahhahahahahahahaahha omg LOL really???

sweety baby hahahahah

okay, so sad ya :( :D

Disguise said...

I love this post. It fits you so perfectly :P Random na? :D
And I love the picture

tin girl said...

'I coil up in bed, draw the curtains and paint my own thoughts bright, connect stars and spell names I'd want to name my kids and pets after.'

THIS was better than just good.
Channel these lines girl! The emoness in you. =P
You really are much better at expressing yourself than most people i know.
And i've read a few SIP journals. xD UTTER CRAP.

Shreya said...

lol thanks a ton rheee but wtf does an SIP journal have to do over here??!! :D like seriously?? :D

Loony Lovegood said...

Shreya! Your blog is just WOW!
You write SO well :)

Shreya said...

UMAAAAAAA!!!!! thanks a ton :) you'r a sweetheart, like always :)

Loony Lovegood said...

Most welcome :) and sorry for posting the same comment twice :P I didnt know you had comment moderation.

tin girl said...

SIP JOURNOS re! Wherein you write about the shit you did in the Ngo and blah blah. I happened to read a certain curly haired girl's boyfriend's journal :P (don't ask) and the english was written like how those goan aunties sound when they speak to each other... bawahaa! Said curly haired girl's journo was no better really.
Oh, and btw, same girl in q asked me the meaning of 'timidities' and 'vexing' after her CSK paper. GAAAAAAAAH!

Shreya said...

@Uma, hang around here okay? :)

@rheee... hahahhahahaha sooooo stupid they bees man!!!! seriously!!! okay, even i dint know the meaning of those words :/ , but, well, atleast i dint go around asking people :P

Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said...

heyyy nice one..very poetic....n I love the way Rhucha's cat has come into it...Tikku hehehe, I love it ;-)

Shreya said...

hahaha thanks :D, but, I was wondering who this is??!!!!

Vintage Obsession said...

Hahaha !! did have a good laugh !
for tachy movies watch The crank that Jason Stathom MOvie (not sure if i got the spelling right!)
its hilarious in a weird way:)

Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said...

Hey Revathi re

Parinita said...

Your blind cat reminds me of the cat who hangs out near my building and who also has pervy-type habits wherein he stalks random people. He used to stalk me and I used to get very irritated. But then he stopped and only stalked other people which semi-offended me :/

Rishi said...

errr... wont u be called the roadside Juliet... jst a thought