Friday, March 19, 2010

If we could trade places for a day and it'd last forever.

You know, sometimes, you know you are better, or may be even the best. You know you are better than a certain xyz, but then, that feeling of 'why can't I be xyz' still slowly crawls into your head? Does it happen to you too? Like, I know I may sound anything but modest right now, but well I don't really have a reason to be envious of some random sweet chick , but, well I am. Today, this -blah- morning, I am. Am I the only one who acts all melodramatic like it's some earth shattering thing to not be her/somebody else? I have my own reasons. Reasons which are silly from the word go. But, let's say it again, I know I am better. I am funnier. I have odd friends. I have a blog. I have followers who will lie to make me feel i'm-not-the-only-dull-crayon-in-the-box, that sweet. I can be down-right lame or I can be stone cold, I am that versatile. I smile at random kids, i am that 'cool'. Oh, and I, not her, am a Bombay-iet from heart which makes me a hundred times 'cooler' already! Doesn't help. She is genuinely the sweet thing. Like the kinds who make you look down at your feet and murmur a silent prayer to God for having been so mean? That thought is still ticking inside the brain. Maybe one of these days I'll go tell her this. Compliments can brighten days. I love being nice.


Do you realize how much you scare me? Do you realize your loyalty comes across as insanity? Do you realize I could give you up to make this end? Do you realize I'm numb from within everytime your name pops up? What you do not realize is that this is not the way I wanted it to be. You might have come out of a movie or your world is simply unrealistic, but, too bad I don't have a glass slipper I could leave behind.

10 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Somak said...

This is an odd feeling. Usually you want to be somebody else because there's some quality in that person that attracts you, and some quality that you envy. I've personally never wanted to be someone else for no apparent reason.
Good luck figuring out why you want that.

Lavender said...

yea i know feeling love.
But I guess you already know that.
it will pass off.
And yes you should tell her.
it'll give u that feeling of awesomeness.

et said...

envy is when you want to be the other one ;that's not really good

jealousy is when you secretly admire the other one and try to be better; that's reeel good

i read that somewer :P

ps: u write so sweetly these days. write short stories. start writing a novel. :)

Koo said...

I've felt this way too, so very often. It's pretty much normal.. as long as it's not deep dark i-wanna-kill-you envy.
And it'd be nice if you tell her :)

uglyduckling91 said...

Make her day? :D

« ♥ Shona™ ♫ » said...

I've never felt like this you know, but its really pretty human being and teen-ish to want to be someone else!! totally okay!! :) Nice blog you've got here!! so gonna be bk!

Harini said...

Been there but its gonna pass soon I think.

Vintage Obsession said...

I still do not understand why you want to be that particular XYZ .Coz you surely sound so much cooler:))

Diwakar Sinha said...

:D understandable...
i've a friend who is many times better than any and every aspect...and then one day he comes up and tells me exactly wat you r thinking of saying.imagine :)
n i'm like, how in the god's name

Sameera said...

I used to envy people a lot.. I frankly admit. ..I did. But, I grew out of it. It is not necessary the qualities you appreciate in the other person fit well in your life. You are the best you could be and the best part is you are always improving...! The other person is same as you.. she might very well be silently amazed by some of your qualities to.. and she is just not vocal about it..! Keep up the charm..! ;)