Thursday, March 18, 2010

I poisoned a candy and You gifted the same to me.

Have you ever felt like you are/were a total bean bag? a garbage bin? a store room? a cushion on the couch? like you do nothing significant, escape attention skillfully, do what's best for the body, turn into a vegetable, eat, sleep, squeeze in some dvd's here and there and yet conveniently manage to pass a whole day without any feeling of guilt?

My neighbor needs therapy. She hates me for no good reason and keeps asking me when my exams will start. Now, why ask any little harmless girl THAT? And she has yellow walls for heavens sake. I mean yellow is a colour too cool for her. Boo lady BOO.

And, you know another neighbor bore a kid. Now, i don't have a problem with that, but, the kid, has a rectangular face you know, like oval-rectangle kinds...isn't that a bit too odd? Think about it. Should I go bring it to her mother's notice? The mother at my place will burn me alive if I say this to her. She never takes me seriously, I realized.

I see myself 'falling in love' with so many guys these days. The sad part is, they all live inside my television set. How happening. Le grand sigh. You hate me for it/ you despise me for it/you throw me out of the window for it/you throw a window at me for it, I don't care, I will continue cribbing about this. Till death. Err, that's too much, whaaat-evaaaah!

Kids from my apartment block are soon going to be dead. They have this thing for locking my front door and running away.

Its a sin to think of you and then think of us. I can only see a long road, a deep valley and I can see fire. We could paint the town or burn it with a passion that is alien to them. If it rains like it has never rained before, I only wish for the sky to turn a deep crimson...for a shooting star to scribble a heart around us.

8 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

tin girl said...

Liked the last para!
Haha, and about the face part, i totally got that. xD
Oh, and also the tv part. 0.o

Lavender said...

Firstly, 'lolololololololol'

So much randomness happening iteeem!
Rectangular face?! I laughed so hard, MY neighbour came running home to glare at me :D
These jobless aunties I tell you.
The only reason she has a problem with you is because your face is not rectangular and everytime she sees you the imperfection is just so clear. *sigh*

Go paint her walls grey I say!
yellow is for happy people!

Shreya said...

@rheeeee....yay someone is here :P

hehehe...FIRSTLY, if grey is for sad people, WTF is it doing all over your blog? CHANGE asap !!!!!! PS: pyzam templates dont work anymore nah :(

and and remember, pure pure unadulterated love for randomness? THIS IS IT :D

s3ayA said...

as 4 da kids, dey should just ding dong ditch... locking doors dats bad... I had to break my break my lock once cause of dat :(...
da last part was nice...

RepublicOfChic said...

So random! Hilarious it is :)

soin said...

curtain would be preferred.see both insides and outsides and still be

oRange* said...

God! How much i adore you for your RANDOMNESSS :D

oh and the blog title ..nahaicee :)

Truth and Lies said...

A lot of random musings. These are really funny. I love the way you introspect. And I certainly hope there's a method to your madness.