Sunday, March 14, 2010

Save Me, San Francisco, summer is here.

Note to self: This summer
  • Respect people, be less judgmental and not call them lame out of the blue.
  • Eat healthy food and aim at becoming a bean bag.
  • Stop doing things for others.
  • Stop waking up and checking messages in the middle of the night.
  • Write it out more often.
  • Get a DSLR + ipod/a class phone.
  • Totally cut off contact with people from college so that i miss them terribly and enjoy the trip.
  • A haircut, a pair of shoes maybe, a bag, and every possible thing I want/need.
  • Do not stalk random people.
  • Talk to mom about marriage plans, seriously.
  • Download a whole lot of amazing songs.
  • Pray day in and out for a nice looking paycheck !
  • And, get an eye candy ASAP.

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

The Goddess of Boho said...

messages in the middle of the night?
I know somebody else who does that.
*looks down*
Urgh we are two absolutely hopeless people.

Stalk random people on FB you mean?
*looks out of the window this time*

Marriage plan. I want details lady!
And I'll give you tips on that :P

Eye candy *sigh*

Shreya said...

yes yes FB stalking * embarrassed*
i personally think REAL life stalking is much more respectable :/

marriage plans. yes. I plan to tell my mom once and for all that
a)i am going to marry a firang
b) that is going to happen too soon. c)i am no longer kidding.
d)you can be the couple's stylist, itam.

Eye candy...*does not even sigh*
Given up.

sulagna ™ said...

hun you never stalk people, you just see know seeing people aint bad at all..and yes the eye/arm candy is a must have accessory this summer!!

Nicole said...

Talk to mom about marriage plans, seriously???

I wish I was a brave as mom's probably gonna search for prospective dulhas when we go to India this year.


Oooo...Eye Candy! Don't worry you'll find one soon...there are a hell lot of guys out there...many now gay but still :P

Oh! and if you end up finding a dulha or your mum does a post dedicated to that...okay baba?

P.S did I ever mention that I love your blog??? If I didn't let me tell you your blog's awesome!!!! tc :)

oRange* said...

Nos. 1,3,9,13 apply to me as well!
most of all, no. 13 ..omggg, seriously!

Di said...

oii hahaha i keep checking messages in the middle of the night too. if there's not a new one, then i read a few old ones.
how do you stalk random people on fb? i try. every has that stupid privacy thing on now!!
good luck with the marriage plans thing, your mum will be lke "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy", i guess!
tell me some amazing songs too when you download.
and show off the cool haircut.
dslr/ipod/phone - allimportant.

Shreya said...

@di you CAN stalk. some profiles :D

lol i never said that okay :P

my mom WONT be "yaaaaaay" cause well am just 18 :D ironical no? you groom hunting in india and me wanting a firang :D

PS: thanks a LOTTTTT for loving my blog :)

@oRagne eye candy is an issue with almost every one here...listening SULAGNA? its not that simple for us these days :'(

The Goddess of Boho said...

Haha! Your comment made me laugh so much.
We'll take the marriage discussion plans to Twitter.
See you later alligator :P

uglyduckling91 said...

You're getting married? *heartbreak* TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF EYECANDY. I WANNA SEE. :D

Disguise said...

Marriage plans, lady? Really? Enlighten me!

Koshy said...

oh i like your blog!!!

and getting up and checking messages.. :scratching my head: i do that.. i had my phone taken away for a week for that.. :p

Shreya said...

@disguise...err, not really :D just trying my luck with mom !!!!!

@koshy, thank you so muchies :)

i love you'r too...think i might have a few people who'll love it even the more, your blog :)

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