Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chronicles of the missing dustbin cover.

Saturday morning. My morning. Lazy morning. Yawn-y morning. the morning when the cover of my dustbin went missing.

Okay I love dustbins. I think they have maximum utility and they look cute. Like tiny and cute and compact. Mine is grey in colour. It has always been grey in colour. It is our family dustbin, like been there since God alone knows how many decades now. I like to dump things in it. Makes me feel content and makes the room feel clean.
Okay so like in every normal apartment block in Bbay, we place our beloved dustbin outside our apt for the sweeper to collect the trash every morning. I don't like the other dustbins on our floor though. I woke up this morning and did what my brain is processed to do, place the dustbin outside. And then...then tragedy struck my beloved dustbin.
In the noon when my maid came in, like always, she sauntered in with the dustbin, oh my beloved dustbin, but, the dustbin MINUS the cover. The dustbin minus its lid. Its head. A vital part of it. Imagine you walk into your house without your head one day? I screamed. I wanted to cry. But, maid's here. Had to keep emotions under check. So no crying. Maid is one woman who doesn't think unless she's requested to. So, she din't notice genocide in broad daylight. Who dare steal my dustbin cover, I got thinking. Someone buzzed me on my cell-phone. Okay dustbin issue can wait, I said.
Maid does all her work and walks out. 3 hours later, I am glued to the television set, watching NewSouthWales bash the shit out of Victoria, drooling at those 11+2 cuuuuuute men on field, maid knocks the door. I frown, I go open the door. OMG. She's got the head of the dustbin in her hand. All in one piece.
Maid: It was there, lying on the last floor.
Me: Oh? Ya ya!! The dustbin had lost its lid...I remember.... =/
Maid: People are a bit cracked, in your apartment.
Me: Yes? I live here too, bytheway.
Maid: Be careful. they flung one of my chappals away last time.
Me: Really? Sad. Okay. Bye? Yes bye.
I got back at those cuties on television.

Now, since my blogger window is open and I got nothing to write and yet want to write, I decide to pen down the chronicle of the missing dustbin cover. Who must have thrown it away? you think. I don't know half those people in my apartment. Strange, they know me not either. And i'v stayed here for 18 years, apparently. Kids I tell you, they hate me. Cause I keep screaming at them. To shut up. I don't want to know about their plans of playing CID CID. But, hiding my dustbin cover to get back at me? really? What makes them think I'll be bothered? Kids I tell you...

Maybe I would'v been bothered if I had something for one of these guys who stays in my apt block...I would have gone searching for my dustbin cover then, you know, like...err, YOU KNOW =D

Whatever, that lid is back and here we have a Happy Ending =)

AND, my blogpost for today.

Much love for reading it!!

29 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

oRange* said...

i totally get the love u have for ur cute, compact dustbin coz i love mine too. i think its the maid. she must be jealous of u coz who does not want a grey dustbin man! seriously.
so she took it and exchanged the lid with some cheap lid and she knew u were too busy drooling over those cute guys and bang ..that was the time to get back to u with the 'fake' lid so that u dont pay much attention to what she got. get me?
go run gooo! im sure its fake.
these maids i tell u. and the whole thing about someone throwing her chappals ..its shit.

advice from a dustbin lover to a dustbin lover: never ever leave the poor lil' dustbin alone. they're precious.

that was a long comment and did u say YOU were jobless? :D

*Shreya* said...

yes orange you'r right....i mean WHO DOESNT WANT A GREY DUSTBIN LID...hmmm

but, i checked :)
It IS my dustbin lid's got my family name tattooed on it no :)

you'r so concerned, i want to cry :')

I want to cry some more, for the love for jobless people :')

Oh how I love people like us :)

oRange* said...

family name tattooed! :O
im doing that right NOW!
what ideas u give me shreya
i lovee!

*Shreya* said...

and i dont even charge you for such amazing ideas o:)

love!!! go tattoo the shit outta your bin =D

Lavender said...

Hahaha Chronicles of a missing Dustbin Cover
see I'm still laughing
The title itself cracked me up!
I'm sure your dustbin is flattered beyond words. He just got featured on your Blog. How cool is that :D
But I'm just wondering what would have happened if you actually did burst into tears?
Your maid would have thought you're the weirdest thing ever for crying over a lid!
Such a sight it would have been.

P.S. CID CID...Lol...totally me me laugh. These lamo Kids i tell you!

*Shreya* said...

i am offended Lavender >_<
My dustbin happens to be a SHE :P

And those kids. I mean CID? And then they go like (looking at the building pet dog) " Arre waah. Yahan pe toh laash hai"

What would you do? :|

Lavender said...

Dustbin is a SHE?! Oh shit!
-Slaps herself-
To think that a Feminist would insult a woman like that :0

And yahan par lash hai? Lol
I have lamos like this running around at home also. Once in a while that is :P

But Family name on the dustbin?
My god that's the first time I've ever heard this :0

*Shreya* said...

Oh you got such specimens running around in your den eh? then i need not give other lame-line examples like: Daya! darwaaza tod do :|

See! i need to feel different. so i invested on a tattoo on my dustbin :)The black ink on Grey looks saaaaxxxxy! and its strategically placed ;) our family name :P ish!!!!!

Lavender said...

Suggestion : I think you should do an entire Blogpost on these lines.
What say?
Plus it's a solution to the Joblessness also!

P.S. Are you on Twitter?

*Shreya* said...

YOU lady are a genius and a honeypunch to give me such a fantabulous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm all for it!

Twitter! i want to get there! BUT, i can't think of a username that is NOT taken :/ suggest!!!!!!

Lavender said...

-Takes a bow-

What sort of username do u want?

*Shreya* said...

i got in!!!! twitter i mean!!!!

Thewastebin =D

see! what a blogpost can do to you =D

Lavender said...

Haha waaaay to go girlie
-sends a hi-five-
So I'm going to look for you now.
I'm magicPotion_

► Dip said...

lol i actually felt sad for the cover but yeah , finally it was a happy-ending! yay

*Shreya* said...

found ya! will take some to figure that place out. Boys and sites are difficult to figure out i tell you :P

Lavender said...

haha true!
Ok let me help.
Go to @thewatebin option on your right and look at what people have tweeted to you.
there is a reply option below that.
Click on it and send a reply in less that 140 characters

oRange* said...

17 comments on a dustbin lid ..grey that too :O
wow. someone's in demand!

eh, why dont u open a tattoos for dustbins booth or something. u'll earn loads and i'll send mine over too. make it pretty okaay :)
draw my face on it if u want!

*Shreya* said...

My mom runs a booth for brooms. Now her daughter will carry forward the legacy and open for wastebins :)

we, me and my customers and their family, will be one beeeeeg happy family :)

SiD said...

Ouch... u do love dustbins...:P

Nice blog here...

There is a funny story in everything

Allison said...

Haha, dustbins are ADORABLE! I would seriously shop for one.. that's pretty sad. :D

soin said...


uglyduckling91 said...

I'm uber tired like totally if youknowm'sayin'! :( just got home today! ^-^
plzplzplzplz remind me to read this post! :( it's 2:40am right now. I'm exhausted.. sorry :(

The Juggernaut said...

tagged !!

do it =D

Sorcerer said...

I think theres a conspiracy..
I think CIA is involved

*Shreya* said...

No :)

Its the Taliban :)

i found out already :)

uglyduckling91 said...

lol! =D

Can I come over to look for umm my dustbin cover? *big-ass wink* (NOT big ass-wink) (That's just wrong)

*Shreya* said...

come on over...its one beeeg party =D

Daone said...

A whoa moment for me- when I read this post, I exclaimed aloud- jobless. Then I saw the same in your labels! Cute post, as always.

Anirudh said...

And that is how you convert something so-not-interesting into -very- interesting. :D