Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is it only ME?

I attended my first meet for my college newsletter.
(news update: I got selected as a cartoonist, the only one that is, and a writer. i am kinda happy cause lets face it, time to start focusing on "the CV".)
And in the meet, I was surrounded by these literature students who totally and always and never fail to freak me out. like bad. I dint speak a word. Just kept observing everyone. They kept going yadda yadda yadda about stuff and my composed smile helped me fake it bad, at "I am totally loving this tête-à-tête" =|Trust me, there is nothing that disappoints you like THAT. you know, the feeling when others know things better than you and you dont know nothing at all? Ask me. They spoke of things,events,people,characters,words,greek mythology (even that.) with so much ease. My stomach started rumbling tumbling making me want to faint right then and there. Probably that wouldn't have mattered cause doubt if they'd notice a lil frail thing go kaput from the scene. I wanted to cry. I want to cry at all times, though I haven't cried for ages now, but still. I wanted my mom. Cause my mom thinks i'm smart. My mom is the good one. These people who were discussing food and cuisines are evil and bad. I mean food is meant to be eaten no? Then why dissect food?
All i remember of the 1 and a half hour I spent in alien land is that in the first half I stared and stared at this article they had passed around, it made NO sense at all to me, but nevertheless I kept reading it, trying to pass time. Then when I realized that everyone must have noticed that i'd been reading it for an obnoxiously long time, I started looking out for escape. Some friend, some foe, some human who'd come RUNNING, shoot all of them down and save me. Talk to me about how the pineapple juice in my canteen tasted sour today or may be discuss what Xyz did with Pqr in the absence of Abc...
No-one came. They, the aliens, probably think I'm a woman on a mission. Out there to create History. be the dumbest member on the board evaaaaah. Whatever, they din't bother me, I din't bother them. Aliens aren't half bad. Aliens talk about Greek mythology. Yes. And aliens want NO gossip in the newsletter. (i mean whaaaaaatthefuck.) Aliens worship shake-s-pear. I don't like the way he looks.
Okay, towards the end of it, as every alien retired to his/her planet, and I was left all alone, i RAN to the canteen and picked up a gooooooey chocolate pastry and walked out of college coolly, like nothing ever happened. Like no-one ever poked and poked and poked at my intellect. Like I never felt this dumb.Like I had read every frigging book ever written in the universe. Like I was ton times smarter than their grandfathers. But, well, to think of it, Life isn't that simple. Bitch.
I wonder what to do? Shopping won't help. Food-ing wont help. Reading, i don't want to. End of discussion.
But, i do feel genuinely unintelligent okay. Today. Maybe working in a shoe-laundry shop will suit me.
Wonder why they chose me? I had warned them I can't talk/write heavy stuff for nuts. Maybe, my life is like that movie, Dinner Game(french)/Bheja Fry(hindi). Not the best flick-turned-into-life-story case. I want to be one happy famous rich popular cartoonist. Nothing else.

Whatever, I love wearing oversized formal shirts cause they make me look fatties ^.^ and that is the moral of the story.

Live Love Laugh.

29 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

freelancer said...

lil frail thing going kaput?? lols

you know what i think?? that they should visit this blog of yours once a week to learn something!

keep it coming gal

Love Loved Lost

oRange* said...

i knowww how that feels. when people of your age know so much more than you about current events and all such shit and u'r left staring at them.
i always come home and make it a point to start watching news channels and read newspapers but that never lasts long :(

congrats btw!

SiD said...

hey wow you got in as a cartoonist...super cool...:D

I was a cartoonist for a long time...:D do u draw these? by hand or some tool???

SiD said...

And don't worry about you being a cartoonist thing. We people live in a different world altogether...and its our world not anyones world...

*Shreya* said...

@freelancer...awwwwey! jeeeee i wish i could have more people like you around :P

@oRange*...temme about it :( actually they'r all seniors but wth i KNOW i wont be like them 2/3 years down the line also !!!!

by hand! lol i do it all outta sheer boredom!

kaka said... need to feel bad...i am in the same situation....u can either go and become what they r now or u can stay the same as u are now...if u become what they are some other shreya will write a similar post....besides people like us exist to give some balance...for the gr8er good otherwise they would be in our we draw cartoons instead while they write literature...actually do one thing make cartoons of them make fun of them...cartoons are famous ...veryone likes to read chill....waise how was the xavier's 140 yrs ceremony and all????also i went around clicking mumbai thanks to some inspiration from

*Shreya* said...

@kaka, you make SO much sense :) i'll remember!

dude i never went for that 140 years thingy yaa...Sundays i just stay away from college :D

Oh and yea,,,thanks, for givin me the credit :D
upload those pictures!

uglyduckling91 said...


*Shreya* said...

i WILL as and when i get done :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to you here...there are moments when you feel completely out-of-place making you actually feel like a Top class Loser with a capital L.But like you said,"Pick up the gooey chocolate pastry and have the feeling that you nkow more than their grannypa's"
Coz believe me, there's something you'll know which they wouldn't ever have entered in their small-sized glittery Life dictionary which starts with Shake-s-pear ;-D

To us,
Take Care :)

P.S.: Get your art in!! I'm waiting!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

hehehehehehehhehee!!!! niceee niceee!!! :P :D

agree with freelancer, they should probably come to this place and learn a thing or two :D :)


Anonymous said...

hahaha nice post. great blog :)

Shahid Mukadam said...

well I can bet those guys dont understand half the shit they read, they understand shit like that after googl'in it...I am sure in a few days u will be shooting them down rather than waitin for someone else


Ubaid said...


by the way nice blog.... i just read your comment on one of my blog so thought would say hi :)

but i like your blog alot :)

buckingfastard said...

gossip is way 2 cooler dan greeks...and who wants to read greek in college magazine! u hav library!!

never mind...felt da same way during my college newsletter induction also...

l8r found out dey r da dumbest of da lot...who steal haiku and poems frm unknown poets by googling...disgusting!!

*Shreya* said...

@'r SO right. they don't know things about characters from my college =D

@ice maiden...hey long time no see!!!!!!!! thanks a lot Icey :D

@shaiz...thank you :)
welcome, you'r one of my sexxxy people btw :D

@shahid ... Google is God afterall !!!!

@ubaid...thanks man !! hope to see you around!

@buckingfasturd...i don't want to comment on the stealing thing cause i know not the truth :)

PS: IF PEOPLE FROM 'THE BOARD' HAPPEN TO READ THIS, TRUST ME, I MEAN NOTHING EVIL OR WRONG OR BITCHY. I guess it'll take time for me to get used to it cause i'm new :( my blog is used to such rantings :)

Psych Babbler said...

I feel for you! Been in such situations and have had similar thoughts. But you gotta believe in yourself...there'll always be stuff you know that they don't. But I know it's not easy to stop thinking negatively. Congrats on being on the board's awesome! :)


hehehe.....hey ur not alone....but ur life seems pretty good actually..ive got two geniuses at home..thats baaaaaaaaaaad!

Anonymous said...

hey, whoa! the best of us feel little sometimes. but trust me, it'll pass. you're a smart girl, that's why they picked you. you'll find your place. :)

*Shreya* said...

@psych blabber...yea i'm trying, obviously :)
of n you remember the newsletter??? subject to change??? its awesomeness right? to be on the board??!!
(you better say yes :P)

@lil on the edge...awwwwwwwwwwwwwww THAT is even the more pathetic...i can connect with that as well :)

@Ki...yea, lets hope you'r right-est of them all :) i'll find my place...soon i guess!

Nicole Andrea said...

I like! Cant believe there is actually someone through the same. I thought I was the only unlucky one. When I was a part of the editors team last year I was just like you (not that I was completely clueless but I felt like a lost kid). Btw am into cartooning too.Inshort, Can't wait to see some of your work. :D

Nicole Andrea said...

*who went through the same.

Iced Eskimo said...

lol just be yourself always, you're super shmmart

yeah would love to see the cartoons!!

*Shreya* said...

@nicole...small world this is IF you'r talking about the SAME newsletter =O

@iced eskimo...i laaaaav you people yaaa for calling me shamart n all :D

Fashion Police said...

hese people who were discussing food and cuisines are evil and bad. I mean food is meant to be eaten no? Then why dissect food?

haha Itum you stole my heart again <3

And me is feelingz dittooo :p
They were having a photoshop related discussion in class today.
Imagine what i went through!

Fashion Police said...

And don't let them make you feel stoopid ok.
What ever happened to having some fun
I mean no gossip column
*shoots them*

*Shreya* said...

photoshop? who the fuck has a discussion on THAT? as long as we can process our pics and upload them who cares for photoshop's grandfather??? =/

i tell you people deserve to be shot.

i like stealing hearts maaaaaan * bats eyelashes* :P

gossip column has to wait for MY magazine item :( :D


Fashion Police said...

But me is being very proud of the Cartoonist thing
And wishes you luck for eet :D
oh and you're going to have a mag? I want to be a part of it!

*Shreya* said...

hahaha yeaaaaaah !!! i dont see a single newspaper that'll want all spice no news :P Magazines are the place to brain usage :D
the day i get'r the second in line :)