Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Hair.

I have hair on my head. I am very grateful.
I call my hair "MY HAIR". They loved being called MY HAIR.
They are black. They are curly. They are short. They are messed up at all times.
I like my hair, mostly. When I don't like my hair, I cut them.
I cut my own hair. With scissors. I like cutting my own hair.
I tie my hair up. I dont leave them. I dont like them falling. I dont like them getting lost.
But, my hair, they don't like me. They mostly are grumpy and sad.
They mostly celebrate bad hair days. I don't like them celebrating these bad hair days.
When I get angry at them, I don't comb them. I never comb my hair. Never.
They like oil, shampoo, conditioner, mousse very much. I like them but. Its a love triangle.
I try very hard to win their love. I blog about them. I blog about them. And I blog about them.
But they don't know nothing about blogger.
Sometimes they make me look pretty. V Pretty. I love my hair. V much.
Do you love yours?

14 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

sulagna said...

babe...this was like an awwww post!!

oRange* said...

oooh! hair talkies!!
im obsessed!

Ramit said...

Honey, I love my hair. Unfortunately, my hair does not reciprocate the love. Yes, I shampoo them. Yes, I condition them too.

The best part is, I have never combed them! Honest to God! ;)

IcE MaiDeN said...

I have a move-hate relationship with my hair! lolz :P

They are auburn and long and curly-crazy as hell!:P They are big flirts I tell you.. guys cant resist them tumbling down all over the place ;) :P On the other hand, they cost me a bomb!!! They need all sorts of pampering and the bill drives me mad! :|

So yeah... its love-hate :)

agent green glass said...

gosh. it took me years to embrace my hair. and i've done just about everything to it. burnt it, coloured it. straightened it, permed it, rebonded it...whew...its wonedr i still have hair.
but now its curly and unrule, and i never comb it - and i love the hair, as u call it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much for hair... :)

PaPiLLon said...

my hair n me toh r made for each other! totally in love with each other..jodi made in heaven!! haha! :)

The Me. said...

Hahaha =p . I like my new hair. I killed my old hair =D

C said...

Congratz on being on somewhat good terms.

Me and my hair are at the point where I am considering shaving it all off and wearing a perfect wig, that is not so needy. (no strings attached! haha bad joke)

Sameera said...

Maybe I should start talking about my hair too.. :P

*Shreya* said...

@everyone...i am SO glad that yes! you guys ARE openly talking about your hair...i mean it is a VERY important aspect of personality development...I mean you know you need to accept your hair as they are and come out of the closet and blah blah blah blah...okay enough for today =P

@ C, i loooooove bad jokes!! i got a collection :P

@sameera...whatcya waiting for??! GOOO!! :D

@iron monkey...why? you dont have hair to talk about? :P

Anonymous said...

I get what is called a buzz cut
so my take on hair is very different :)

It keeps growing very fast, so I try to minimize growth, lol !

Check that out for an example of buzz cut:

Cheers, IM !

Daone said...

O_O Do you have any idea what an incredible opportunity you have wasted? I swear, if you would've devised the same hair ramblings around a psychopath, you could've written such an unbelievable story, that it would've whacked the shit out of people. This was the most engrossing post but the last line 'do you love yours' devastated me coz it was not a fiction. Kya yaar Shreya, not good...not good... :(

*Shreya* said...

sometimes, not everything is about fiction :)

i love my hair and wanted to dedicate a post to it :)