Friday, September 2, 2011

What I said.

In class today, out of sheer boredom, I made me a to do list. BIG MISTAKE. Now the paranoid part of me won't let the chilled out part of me sleep in peace. Not even in class. :(

Do me a favour, never make a to do list unless you want to get back at yourself for some funny reason.

Everything's on the list. From completion of around 7 assignments to meeting people before they leave the country (Yes, there are people on my 'to-do' list.) to getting a haircut. There is no hair on my boyish head to cut, yet I want a haircut because I want one. I know my 'to-do' list hardly sounds important to you, but yeah hello! I'm no President either.

We do things on our to do lists, Presidents do countries on theirs.

Then, to beat the depression, I purchased me some new notepads and colour pens and pouches and pens and pencils and such. :/ Do not ask me what grade I am in, okay? It's none of your business if I'm a stationaryholic. *weepy*

Must I delay things? NO, YOU MUST NOT DELAY THINGS, I.

Look, whoever this Ichigo is, I feel sorry for him / her/ it. :(

As much as I hatings September, come mid September and there's a tiny beautiful monsoon weekend break away from Bombay waiting for me. I'm such a bum, I might start packing for it already. :3

The travel fairy is making babies with my life.

"If I were a boy, I'm pretty sure I would've been gay." - Me. *flying kissie to me*

10 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I am "stationaryholic" too.
I never make do to list..bcoz this on it never get checked.
And monsoon break!! Awesome!
can I come? :D :D :D

Shreya. said...

You, my love, need to blog. :X

So sorry, monsoon break is for some college related stuff. Else would've invited you for sure. :(

aakash said...

Yes. I know this one but my paranoid part kind of gives up in a couple of hours and then I see the list at the end of the year when I am made to clean the room.
Quote was quite deep. Like deep.
Happy pre-vacation-anticipation-period :)


Ice Maiden said...

I can spend HOURS buying stationery (can if I had the money :P)... I am a staioneryholic too! :D

quartertoinsane said...

"Presidents do countries on theirs" O_o

my lill brother used to be a stationary-hoarder

can girls not be gay???

Peevie Juice said...

The travel fairy is making babies with my life.

Quoty quote blogger.

The Atom said...

i LOVE stationary!! :D :D

and yes the travel fairy is indeed making beautiful babies with ur life, and seems to have abandoned me forever!! :( :(

oh and i think that ichigo person is very much loved to get so much space and attention! :D:D ;) its cute even! :)

where are you headed off this time? :)

AL said...

Lol. Ichigo is my favorite character from Bleach :P

Oh and i love making 'to-do' lists!

Anonymous said...

lol @ d Bleach pic

Anonymous said...

love this post ..
i even love the picture u post rukia .. hehe i made a friend angry today i was playing around.. i wondering how to apologise with him ..and accidentally saw your blog ♥