Monday, August 29, 2011

Hanging cookies by threads.

Hi! Hi! Hi! I turned 20. Cow turned 20. My Mum's kid turned 20. My neighbour's neighbour turned 20. Your coolest blogger turned 20.

I don't know what to say. A day before my birthday, my Mum was busy telling her friend over the phone how her kid's going to turn 18  next day. (Yes, I'm sure she doesn't have another secret 18 year old kid.) Sigh. I did not react at all. Just sat there flipping channels. My own mum doesn't remember how old I am. SO CUTE. :---|

Anyway, birthday went smooth and it went nice and it went quiet.

Now, I got to act more responsible and old. Probably, start dressing old and talking old. With a heavy voice and all that. Haha! Not happening, God.

Anyway, apart from all that, I'm just so glad we're done with more than half of the year and only a little bit of it left to be dealt with. The year is just being vague and odd and nice, yet very odd. Like one of those creepy neighbours who are nice to you, but you never know, they're probably peep-Tom-ing on you? That.

Wondering if I'll be in the same city same time next year. Can not wait to find out. PLEASE TELL ME, UNIVERSE.

Been Hawaii dancing through my days and nothing spectacular's been happening. No, I haven't learnt the art of surfing on waves or not like I found a bag full of cash and cake hidden somewhere. Nothing. I'm pretty much broke in fact. Waiting for Life to throw me a sugar daddy. Fuck lemons. LOL JK.

It'd be fun to break into a Hawaiian dance in the middle of a gathering. HEEHEEX.

Have fun, you guys!

Oh wait,

That's Miss Boing Boing. Hahaha WTF.

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

cake cake cake... i wants me piece of cake...

Ananya said...

Happy belated birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear wastey,

Happy birthday to you !
I wish you healthy and peaceful life ahead !

But frankly telling i didnt want the waste bin to grow old, not even by one year !

Why you havent listened to me, universe?

but anyway,Now that u r grown,im really hoping you continue to live,think,behave as you are. Just stay as you are !

Err yes,now that u r grown up, some things u can learn now, like crossing road without lookin like frightened chicken,not breaking eye glasses,not damaging earphones, giving a try to learn mothertongue,slowing down your body metabolism so u can gain weight (ahem, at right places too :P)

wishing once again a very happy birthday to lady salman khan in red pant :P

-fanboy of your writing style.
You 'dont' know me :P

aakash said...

happy b'day :)
I just got one doubt, why is there a lost tiny fish on the ass of 'ms. boing boing wtf' :P


Peachyyy said...

Birthdays makes happies ! :)

How does it feel? Being 20?
i'm gonna be 20 next yr. But i think its gonna take more than just age for me to grow up :s

Moonie said...

okay i havent read your blog in twentymilliongazillionlightyears. haha. okay, HI.


now go get me cake.

Koshy said...

even my mother thinks i am turning 18 in a few days.. for the past three years i am just turning 18.

Freelancer said...

whoa!! 20!! u sure??? last time i checked u were....oh well!! 20....sounds adulty and all...

Anyway, Happy wala budday to you. Looks life you are gonna cross me soon, i need my bday to arrive again.

Cake. where's the cake???

Loadsa Love

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Budddddddddddddddday!! :D

When you get older, you get more chanced to act irresponsible! >_<

Miss boing boing! *_*

*orange plum* said...

Birthday Wishes, you :) LOTS!

You're only as old as you feel. I was a couch potato alll day today and felt a 100years old; so that doesn't ALWAYS count.


Shreya. said...


Parinita said...

Does that make up for the late wish? Happy budday to you? Yes?

Tangerine said...
from ne cow to the other...ur blog name, its significant

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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The Atom said...

yappy budday! :)

Well happy birthday biggal! :P

anyway love miss boin boing!! :D :D

:D just LOVE your writing!! :D :D :)

Maulik ! said...

HapPy Birthday :D ... lol, even my mom forgets how old i am :| !