Monday, August 1, 2011

Jeez, you're still around?

This is the 5th Monday I have skipped, in general, in life. Y'know, like skip college and simply laze around like a sleepy cat? Except that I hate cats. I love this new skipping Monday business that I'v started. WHEEEHEE! And then, download a million movies and then there always is the television and the couch. Such a cute little life it is! Only, the thing about being home alone is, nobody cooks anything for you and I'm so lazy, I can fake a full stomach and continue to run through movies and find my version of reality hidden in some of them and go totally like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah everytime I spot someone worth spotting. I think the relationship I share with my television and its content is the best example ever of a 'no strings attached' relationship. I like it how life allows me to go bake myself some tea. Yes, bake. No, not make. Because I can. And then I can sleep the rest of the day off and God, can I sleep endlessly or what! I wish I could file it as a talent. Then sometime when I'm fiddling with my phone, I'll probably go say hello to my inbox and reply to texts I'v forgotten to reply to. I keep forgetting to reply to texts, man. I'm sure it offends people, but I can't help it since I don't do it on purpose. I get my brand new electric aqua blue glasses tomorrow and I'm so kicked about wearing them and annoying the fuck out of my Mum. Stepping out of Monday, can not wait for mid August to get here. I'm getting out of the city and I have no idea where we'r heading, but I am getting out of the city for a couple of days. And then later in August is my birthday. WHEEEXXIE! I'm supposed to gather some trash off Google for an assignment and I must go. Bye!

(This is one of 'those' posts where the right side of me talks to the left. You're not obliged to read it. Flying kisses for those who did anyway!)

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

burntoast said...

don't get into a habit of it.. soon you don't know when to stop skipping college.. and you get the whole ego thing wherein you believe you're better than the teacher.. except eventually they remind you that they're better than you because they're in a position of authority.. and all that blah blah.....
mid august is forcing me to come home to spend time with the family.. not that i mind it generally.. but i really don't want to lose focus and all...... grumble, mumble, jumble...

Raey said...

I am so inspired by you right now. Wish I had the audacity to do that :( But no I get my ass off the bed and drag myself to class which is spent in la la land anyways. But kudos to you gurl!!

A view said...

you get too many vacations! im offended X-( its obscene! :|

mine too is a no strings with my tv! :D ;)

Komal Ali said...

Nice, inspiring post! :-)

S said...

haaa! skipping mondayssss...
whatttey life !

suck every bit of this life!

Anonymous said...

and how do u bake tea?

Peevie Juice said...

I identify. Why go to college when you can laze around at home (I call the establishment I'm staying at for want of a better word).

I need to blog.

Mutahhar said...

awesome posttt :)

Shreya. said...

@Burnttoast, Mid August is Malhar. You know how much I hate it. :)

@Raey, it's nothing to be proud of. It lands me into trouble with my attendance. :/

@A view, I gift myself vacations. They don't come my way. ::(

@Komal, Thanks! :)

@S, trying to!

@Anonymous, just like you make tea?

@Peevie Juice, dude, blog!

@Mutahhar, thanks! :)

Smita said...

that was a niceee post, a very frank one. I loved the explanantion of ni strings attached theory :p :p
You are one lucky chap, which can afford such luxuries ;) skipping and watching movies and Tv :p
Wonderful Blog piece you have :)
lots of smiles :)

Karishma said...

Shreeeeeee! You sound like the spring on your couch was going up and down when you were reading this! Heh.

Listen you can bake tea and ate it, because only you are allowed to. Also, I can't believe your profile reads spaz! :O

Remember how Pari used to tell me I only have unblonde moments in my otherwise blonde life? Another friend tells me I only have non-spazzy moments in my otherwise spaz life. Sigh! It's like we're experiencing the same thing at the same time.