Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your foot, my soul.

Today, I got called cynical.

Tomorrow, they'll call me an obese monster who steals cookies and tea.

Then, another tomorrow they'll call me an Oprah Winfrey who won't shut the fuck up.

But, if I make sure I claw the faces of these people and scar them for life so not even Photoshop can make them look like Cinderella, I think things should be fine.

I swear on my collection of jholas, I'm highly put off at being called THAT. It's okay, cynicism is going to be the next cool thing to be in town. HA.

Extract me out my college, please? *whimpers*

I'm so cynical I don't trust furry little animals with big sad eyes. - Urban Dictionary.

LOLMAO. I'd love to be a cynic if we live the UrbanDictionary way. =D 

14 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Poulomi said...

Being Cynical is awesome. Fuck Yeah!

Darshan Chande said...

The Cow's angry, for the first time! :D

Some cynicism is healthy. It means one's not altogether blind to the reality. ;)

uglyduckling91 said...

Laughing out loud my ass off?

bavli said...

today I am going to tell you you are awesome.
tomorrow I'll tell you that the imaginary you in my head is sexy .
another tomorrow I'll tell you I don't ever want you to shut up .
At the moment I'd say go scar them :p

Shreya. said...

@Poulomi, yeah, I guess it is. Wait, it better be.

@Darshan, not angry, just a leeeetle angry. :D That's exactly my point.

@Abdullahtariq, Yus. My ass laughed out loud and I inverted the sentence.

@Bavli, awwwwwwww :'*
Thank you so much. Means a lot on a grey rainy boring meh day. :)

quartertoinsane said...

urban dictionary is fun... it should replace mariam or oxford onez

Raey said...

down with the oxford dictionary.. its a symbol of hypocrisy.. HAIL URBAN DICTIONARY!!!!!!! muhuhahhaaaa

Ice Maiden said...

I dont think there is anything wrong with being called / or being cynical! :) You are just more... real (if thats the word)... not everything is supposed to be seen with rose tinted glasses anyway.. bah!

burntoast said...

Who the fuck steals TEA?
No scarring can save anyone from the powers that photoshop bestows upon us.
You want extraction from your college too? I've been pining for extraction from my college for weeks now.
Have you noticed that all your posts these days are done in such a way, that intelligent, sensible trolling on them just isn't possible?
My flat-mate's alarm rang for 3 and a half hours yesterday. Today, it's been ringing for 1 and a half, and it looks like it's going to go on and on.

Mehwisky said...

Are you one of those Indians who prefer the name Bombay over Mumbai? I have another Indian friend who's obscenely patriotic to the word Bombay. But he's cool. So, I'll assume you're cool too.

Shreya. said...

@quartertoinsane, why not, why not!

@Raey, I could marry the Urban Dictionary.

@Ice Maiden, in that case, probably the way we put forth our opinions matter a lot. :/

@Burnttoast, I'd steal tea if I had to.
Paritosh, you have no idea how boring college has gotten. I'm almost fed up of it. 5 years. :(
Is that a good thing? :D Tell meee!
How about waking your flatmate up the next time he doesn't wake up?

@Mehwisky, I can never call it Mumbai. I'm super cool.

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KN. said...

Well you got another cow in town who loves your blog! :D

Read all the posts in one go!
And i love these chats between left and right side, do it often too. Just in my case, Left is being all violent and naughty. :P