Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nicey is what nicey eats.

I just gifted myself a week long break ^.^

I can't wait to buy myself a tinnnnnnnny apartment and do it up myself. I know, I know I'v said this before. Fairylights and bright colours that blind you and mirrors and bells. WHY AINT I A CHILD PRODIGY WHO IS ALREADY THE CEO OF SOME COMPANY? ;(

Or, I could become a conman. No, too much effort. Hahaha I love this thing that draws a line across my words. Someday I'll write a whole post and cut it like that because I can.

The smaller the house, the bigger the heart. Very true.

I hate my class. I love college. I love red ink. I hate muck. I love Dream Cream. I hate being sick. I love being unsick. I love my course. I hate feminists. I love cotton. I hate technology. Technology hates me. End of life. Enough. I'm bored.

The intermission is going on.

Listening to cute mushy tracks on loop does not mean you're in love, turd. I'm playing Suno Nah - Jhankaar Beats at a ear blasting volume on loop because I love the movie and I love Shayan Munshi and I'm thinking about how I'm going to get rid of the pregnant cat sitting outside my door. AM I IN LOVE? No, right? -.-

Now that you're here, check the track and the movie and Shayan out because you must.

Also, I really don't know what to do with the cat. I hate cats. Don't give me suggestions unless they involve you coming over and towing her away.

What's the procedure to miss people, sir? Because apparently you gotta miss people to feel human. Meh.

Also, you know what's awesome? Ze blog haz had 2050 comments! Help me reach 5020. HEEHEE.


13 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Maryam A. said...

First comment! \m/

quartertoinsane said...

.... its either of the 2 things

u gots split personality, or
ur high on sugar, or
ur in love...

Anonymous said...

Hey Shreya Im one of those shameless Anonymous who stalk blogs to find something interesting.
I just came across your blog, loved it.
Btw, technology hates me too!
Stalker @2 AM

Shreya. said...

@Maryam, Thanks! ^.^

@Quartertoinsane, it's yet another day in the life of cow, yo!

@Anonymous, I'm surprised it isn't a nasty comment because that's what Anonymous people usually do. :O Thanks, man!

quartertoinsane said...

I knowz dis another day for cow, bt dis post gt that cow is head over heels for bull vibez in it...

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I second Quarter to insane's comment =D

burntoast said...

so.. how come you don't draw/paint anymore?

Shreya. said...

@quartertoinsane, o.O

@Hamza, Meh!

@Burnttoast, I don't get the time, P! :(

Mehwisky said...

Is that you in the picture?
I hate feminists, too.
And I love cotton, too.

Shreya. said...

The one in the post? No. :)

Yay to cotton!

A view said...

aww poor cat! i hate cats too, pregnant ones maybe more so coz they throw up kittens, whom i cannot hate!! grrr... can actually imagine u sitting inside and thinking up all sorts of things to get rid of the cat.. poor thing (you this time) :P

you dont need to miss someone to be human, u need to let dem pregnant cat in!! :D :D hhehehahhaa :P

The Blue Periwinkle said...

When you get the protocol..about how to miss ppl... lemme know. :|
I feel so un-human in the most human-ish way.

Maryam said...

I believe you're awesome. =P
I like Shayan.
I love technology.
I'm so jealous of the vacation.