Friday, June 17, 2011

Swirling like a planet.

You know smileys take turns to govern the several phases of our life, right? Like, there will be this phase when you will smile patiently and try and not act wild and butcher the world into tiny tiny pieces, then that one phase when you won't stop grinning because somebodies ass is on fire, then one where you will find yourself a hot neighbour and won't stop winking, one where you will tend to say things you think are funny and nobody else thinks the same and you will be left sticking your tongue out to avoid the awkward silence. And, then one day that adorable looking straightface clings itself to your life. Yes, I'm cat walking through that phase. :|

Somebody tell me if Karma really works. Is there a proof, a victim, anything at all? Because, if it doesn't work, trust me, I don't want to waste my life not doing a lot of evil to people only because I am so scared all the time that it will come back and y'know, bite my bum or burn my hair or eat away my weight.

Jeez, I spoke too much. Did I?

Moving in and out. It's 'that' time. I'd want you to know. Hand me an eraser to erase all those doodles I left behind, please?

*Looks into outer space as she completes those lines*

OHEEMGEE WAIT. Did you just call me an emo blogger? Hippo poop all over your face, yeah. *mutters*

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Rachana said...

Cow you are seriously an amazing writer!
A wide grin sticks up on my face ever time i read your posts :D
Keep rocking gal! \m/

Parinita said...

How can someone be emo if they can giggle at their own jokes even if nobody else is laughing? Not even if you make this face mooCow :|

Maryam said...

Btw, I dont know if Karma works but I've heard it does..but then again, we hear stuff about loads of things that doesn't even exist so yeah. :D

Poulomi said...

You are awesome. Enough said!

Peachyyy said...

Karma works man.
Well, it has in my case at least, all along.
So watch yourself :p

bavli said...

haha you can make me smile and feel sad at the same time o_O
I have a lot of evil to do but then again karma is saving them form me.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I have been stuck on the :| phase for so long now.
Its not even funny. :|

quartertoinsane said...

karma may be real, bt it dosent work if u refute it :P

Purple Hatting said...

Hm, yes, indeed, smileys are pretty awesome. I'm going through twoo many phases right now to have just one single smiley for it.. but anyhoo..

Read this book called Totto-Chan. I think you'll like it a whole lot. Just saying.

P.S - Did I mention I think you're Blog is pretty awesome?

A view said...

Love it!! :D :D like all your other posts!! :)

oh and re karma: just think that your doing right no matter what you are doing.. ;) :D it wont come back to haunt you.. :P

Sarita said...

Karma is a bitch! :/ And I could actually relate to every word.
On a happy note, You write SO well.

et said...

I know I'm not at all regular with your blog these days, but then again i don't allow that luxury to even My blog ;) ..these days.

But I gotta tell this right now right here, that you're simply my ever favorite blogger. U never fade and your header just gets cooler and cooler, U keep talking the same way yet its new every single time.

I'd just scroll down and down and read all your other posts if my head hasn't been hurting so bad tonight (and other lame excuses)

Here's to my awesome blogger :)

S said...

You guys, thank you so frigging much. :*

S said...

@PurpleHatting Hey! Totto-Chan is that little chick who keeps shutting her desk while in class, right? :D

@et, you'v been sorely missed! No kidding. :)

@Sarita, Hey! Thank you! :)

@A view, Karma ain't no good child. Yes?

@quartertoinsane, I'll try refuting it then?

@Theblueperiwinkle, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, WOMAN?

@Bavli, I do? Heh!

@Peachyyy, it does? :( You just broke a heart!

@Paulomi, thanks, love! :)

@Maryam, Thanks! =D

@Parineeta, Paaaaaara! Seeing you here makes my heart go zzzzzzzzzzzoooooom!!!

@Rachna, thank you sow much. :)

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I am here only. :D

How eej you?

Nia Charms said...

I dont believe in Karma. And trust me its the best thing ever. You get to do all your Satanic Mischiefs and not worry about shit.

And erasing all doodles I left behind. I likey.

Anyways dont mind me I am just on a reading-all-posts-of-this-blog spree I guess.
YOUR FAULT. Your blog is fucking awesome.