Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scattered rainbow colours.

It's the second day of college and I already skipped classes today. Not my mistake. It was sow gloomy and sad and rainy outside when I woke up, the heavens put me off to sleep. :O

I'm kicked about college.

I'm 19. Going to turn 20 in 2 months from now. I went to a theater to watch a movie yesterday. The movie had an 'A' rating. The guards outside tried to convince ME that I am not an adult. They wouldn't believe my age identification proof. I was let in only after I threw a tantrum and asked to see their superiors. Humans love being told they don't look their age. Does not apply in my case. Heard me, Universe?

I'm kicked about life otherwise.

I'v entered that phase of lifehood where you start drooling and fantasizing about Universities to the extent that you visit their Facebook page even.

If you live in Bombay, you already know it. THE MONSOON IS HERE. RRRRUUUUNNNN! I had this friend who came to Bombay from the North East when he was 17 and stayed locked up at home all day, all week with windows shut for over 2 months of college during the monsoon cause the rains scared the shit and poop out of him. Hee hee. Chill the fuck out, monsoon. Will ya?

I want to write a special 'Thank You' note, thanking God for blenders. These weeks that I spent at home, I have exploited my blender dry. I must have put in every possible edible thing and blended it because I was so bored to chew it. Good ol' days of vacation! Sigh.

Anyway. Look sane, go bonkers! Bai.

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Poulomi said...

Sigh. I so love the monsoons.
And you people are so lucky, man.
It's not even funny :|

Take care, you. :)


aakash said...

Mumbai is soon,
I just wish I don't miss the monsoon..
rains make me pensive, and I love it :)


Anonymous said...

I so hate the universe and its signs....ur so lucky ur in Mumbai...theres nothing good down South..btw am going to guess A rated movie has to do with Shaitaan (hope I got the spelling right)


quartertoinsane said...

da monsoons aint here yet, this aint not fair

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hahaha, I never minded the monsoons, they feel just right to cuddle into the warm bed. But upsetting? Not really :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Dee said...

i hate rains too but its so damb hot n humid at my place that even i prayed for them..and they still aint here x(
btw lol at the theater thingy..happens to me 2..i turned 20 last week and people think i'm 17 :p

Maryam said...

I lawve your posts.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Me too! Missed college ka second day!! :D

buckingfastard said...

ahh monsoons...makes me wanna go all sneezy and hot chocolaty...sigh!!

Ve said...

I love the monsoons!! lol.. wish I cud use the rains as an excuse to miss work! :)

S said...

@TheBluePeriwinkle, you'v been missed sow bad on the blog. :O

@Maryam, Thanks. :)

@Dee, don't you simply want to pull out your gun at such people? x(

@buckingfastard, hot chocolate is overrated!

@BA, for people who haven't seen much of monsoon for all their lives, it is upsetting!

@quartertoinsane, where?

@Nadia, yes! That movie!

@Poulomi, Bombay is the sexeh! :D

@Vee, I'm sure you can use it as an excuse. ;P