Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mad circles, love.

Don't you simply love annoying people? I do. So much. Say 6/10 things I do in a day are to annoy the fuck out of people. And, it is not funny.

The room now has orange curtains. They are so orange, in the mornings, the room looks like it is on fire. Like, Shawty fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor. I think I'm going to have to wear goggles while in the house. Goggles. LMAO. I love using redundant words. Goggles.

WHAT? I don't know what to type next.

I am 20 days away from my official summer vacation. ^_________^

I'm a cold drink. When people are pissed at me, I'm cool in the head. When people are pissed at themselves, I'm cool in the head. When people are pissed at planet Earth, I'm cool in the head. I don't get the point of anger. Anger is not human enough to solve your problems is what I tell my disciples. Jesus had disciples. I don't have real disciples.

Fashion blogs depress me. Who gives these people the money to buy, wear and pimp such stuff?

My presence in a room is so inconspicuous that my maid walks in, does all her work and locks me in once she leaves because she 'forgot' that I was still inside my frigging house. I guess inconspicuous is the new hot. *nervous laughter*

*storms out* 

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

KWP said...

20 days away from my official summer vacation*nods her head* me too.

quartertoinsane said...

did u get out of the house?

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Fashion blogs, YUS YUS! Depressing! >_>
And annoying ppl is my favourite hobby! :D

And did you get of the house? :P

A view said...

HAHAHHA awesome!! :D :D orange curtains!! hot! :D i wanted to have multi-colored strips for curtains.. but having an elder sister makes most of the simple things difficult.. :(

Ice Maiden said...

Sheesh you make my white curtains sound so *BORING* :/ :P

and LMAO @ being locked in!!!! hahahahah! :D maybe your maid is just absentminded :P

Shreya said...

@A view and Ice Maiden, ORANGE curtains are a must have. They make the Earth look like the Sun. o.O

@Blue Periwinkle and Quartertoinsane, For the first 2 hours I didn't know I was locked in. Realized only when my mom got back home using her keys. =P


Ananya said...

I want snowflake curtains. Not too fond of the sun/heat. >.>

Prutha said...

first , i am sooo sorry for the twitter inactive links all over my blog..i kept forgetting to fix it :( ..pls follow me on twitter!! i have noone to talk to there!! hehehe...

secondly, i love coming to ur blog coz ur insanely funny with ur writting!! never stop!! and starting writting ur book..what r u waiting for??

thridly, dont hate fashion blogs.. a lot of super creative ppl i find on the streets buy their stuff at thrift stores etc and be creative with what they have...or ebay second hand stuff... and some of us have other jobs that pay for the clothes..hehehe... and dont have any savings !! but ofcourse there r others who r born rich, or have better jobs or just plain lucky...but to each their own right..enjoy the eye candy i say...


Prutha said...

omg i forgot to tell u that i used to have an orange room 2 yrs ago!! and i want to show it to u..i used to love that room coz i painted it myself and it turned out to be freaking awesome!!! whats ur email?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Naice, people start fashion houses, and you start fashion in house, goggles? And did I, not much time ago, read that you loved home making. Cleaning house with goggles on, interesting.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Shreya said...

@Ananya But snowflake curtains just sound so boring. :(

@Baesthete I am super cool like that. =)

@Prutha Seeing YOU commenting on MY blog makes me want to jump around the room. ^____^

Firstly, your fashion blog is my favouritestestest fashion blog. No flattery.

Secondly, I'm going to hit you up on Twitter right away. :)

Thirdly, I am not writing any book. Cause, if I do, they're going to throw my own books at me. :D

Aaaaaaaaaand, I don't hate fashion blogs. They just make me sow sad.

Karishma said...

@Shreya: I don't know why I'm saying AT shreya considering it is your blog anyway.
So anyway, I'm stalking At Shreya's blog at work and you stoleth the orange from my room. Too much hotness to handle. *Wipes sweaty forehead*
Goggles! Goggles! Goggles!


Shreya said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. We need to use the word more often and annoy people. :D

My orange is hotter than your orange, bitch.

Ananya said...

I meant, something like this,

Shreya said...

Ohhh. I no likey.

Hasan said...

Fugging gotta love your cowness