Saturday, April 30, 2011

House of Neon.

All colours in the neon form are eye catching. No? Right now, I want want want a neon green or orange coloured jhola.

I'm still head bobbing to music from the 90s.

I was born to fall in love with my house. Like, my apartment. I can stay in for 7 complete days and not feel odd or sick. I'm doing that right now and that is exactly what makes me sound happy all the frigging time. :)

Do I need therapy?

I love housework. Feeds my OCD and it feeds my OCD. Oh, go ahead and judge me, but while I am home, I'm always thinking of when to do the dishes and clear my drawers and clean the kitchen mess up and change the covers and curtains and all that. My maid loves me. It just makes me so happy to see my place all clean and cleared up when the mother comes back home late and tells me how I am going to make such an amazing home-maker. Wait, I need to write shorter sentences.

April's coming to an end, April's coming to an end, April's coming to an end, April's coming to an end. You know how horrible April's been to me? Godawful month. I mean, what kind of an April is it anyway if I don't choke on mangoes?

I can't wait to get married and do all the housework. OMGoodG, can I stop talking ridiculous?

Have I told you I love surprising people? I give the best surprises. What if I delete my blog and surprise you guys? Oh no, you guys aren't getting all that lucky.

A month and half for my final year in college to begin. *ugly, horrible cupcake shower*

Oh same time last week, I was watching a Jonathan Rhys Meyers movie. Why, why, why can't that guy walk out of the TV screen and and and...damn, those lips. Sigh. He needs to sign movies more often. I can't watch Bend it like Beckham on loop for all my life, JRM. :(

19 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

H.T said...

getting married just so you could do house work :l
I am glad to offer you my awful share of house work if thats what you want haha.
I like surprises . surprise me and my blog I can use a visit :D

Shreya said...

Just you wait! :)

H.T said...

you didn't make me WAIT at all :D
love you for that .
thankyosss .
ima sleep happy tonight . ( God do I sound leasbianish:/)
Ah well am not .

Shreya said...


I was chuckling in my head when I asked you to wait and then went on to read your first post on how you hate to wait. =D

Mrs Muffin said...

I want to have jhola because of you, I saw you wearing jhola like all the time and it's awesome, too bad that I live in Indonesia and jhola is not a common thing to find here :(
And I'm agree about JRM, he's Hot with capital H *draws a pinkie heart*

Shreya said...

Uhmmm, I'm curious, how and HOW did you see me carrying a jhola all the time from Indonesia? :S

Mrs Muffin said...

Almost of your pic are wearing a jhola :P

Ananya said...

I hate doing housework. Like absolutely @#$@#%% HATE!
How can anyone like it? :O

Shreya said...

I like it. :S

Becoming a maid is a career option for me. I like it that much!

H.T said...

thankoys < 3
haha and i had subtle smile too when i read it at first .

Karishma said...

Did you say *those lips*? so asleel. :| :| :|
Housework? :|:|:|
Wooooman! :|:|:|
Even I want surrrrr-prise. Hee. :)
Oh wait. You gave me one already. Shailesh and Mangesh!

Shreya said...

Yes, Kay, I used the words household work and woman in the same sentence. Burn. xD

Poulomi said...

I want a neon green jhola too :|
You're the first one I know who thinks homework is awesome :D
Feels nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks so :P
And, Jonathan Thys Meyers is LOVE.

Shreya said...

YAY to us. :D
We'r the coolest.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Thats one thing, I run away from - HOuse chores! :(

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

you love cleaning house and dishes, you'll make a good home maker. Your mother must be proud.

Interesting blog. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Shraddha said...

Why don't you watch August Rush in a loop now?! :D

Shreya said...

@Periwinkle.. but it's fun. :(

@BAesthete Thank you. ^.^

@Shraddha With the kid in the movie, August Rush is like a double party. :D

Shadan said...

Good work. Liked reading few of your posts, so thought may be i too vll drop in a comment.
Happy Blogging