Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hiding behind a glass door.

Just how many of you instantly feel happy when you see happy?

I'v had a cute little first week of May. I'm finally breathing. In the sense, the head finally feels unclogged. I'v been blogging well, people have been reading my nonsense, I'm at a 249, my blog looks fabulously pretty to me, batchmates are behind my life to link them to my blog (something I refuse to do.) and, I'm just glad April's over. I'm blogcentric like that.

Otherwise, non-blogwise, this week has been so full of drama. Remember, I asked for filmy drama in life? I got filmy drama in life. And then I almost passed out of drama overdose. My blog's magical. The things I write on it dance their way into my life. Say, 6 on 10 times. Am I supposed to be happy about this?

Dear batchmates, if you are reading this, please to shut the tab else elephants will walk and potty all over you on your next trip to Africa.

Do you even realize how important rubber bands are? The whole concept of life and fuckmylife is designed based on the working of a rubber band. Imagine being tied to a band and stretched far out into the Universe and then BOOM, let out. You're going to be thrown up in the air and you will fall right down. Your language, you call it mood swings. Why am I even discussing these things with you?

I found some burnt ash in one of my drawers. That ash they give out in temples? I'v been eating it when bored. God alone knows how safe it is. I'm telling you, I'd go live in a South Indian temple if they allowed me to eat spoonfuls of burnt ash whenever. It's just so tasty.

I feel so old. About to turn 20 in another 3 months. Horrible. x( Who will ever find out if I pretend to be 18 turning 19 for another 4 years? Nobody will. Till then, EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Meher said...

Trust me, nobody will be able to make out if you're 18 or 20, coz you look quite young, you know? Also, burnt ash is tasty, yep, I agree on that one.

quartertoinsane said...

oh yea *dances like badly*... 20, yay, ur finally gone get old... :P

are u sure thats ash u tooks 4m da temple? i didnt find ash tasteful, bt mayb its just me...

PS: mayb ur like silver tongue, bt the blogger version... can u write something for me on ur blog, like riches fall outta the sky or something like that... jst simple no fancy stuffs, thnkx ;)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

go tell everybody that you are having a curious case of Benjamin Button :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

So qrazy..


RAHUL K said...

You're Mad.

S said...

@Meher, You KNOW I look young? =P

@quartertoinsane, Yes sir, it was ash from the temples only!

Also, if I do have a silver tongue, it's a very selfish one. Too bad. xP

@BA, CHEE! Don't remind me of that horrific looking guy.

@Anonymous, Welcome to ze blog. :)

@RahulK, I know, right? YAY YAY YAY you're here to read my blog. :D

Karishma said...

@SexyBhat So this dancing emoticon, right? It makes me want to run into a corner and practice this dance move until muscles leave my body.
What else found its way from blog life to real life? Tellzzzzzzz.
Ok bye. :*

*orange plum* said...


You're way too cute to be real :)

S said...

@Kay, do that at work. *chucklefest*

You KNOW about all the drama that surrounded the week. Sigh.

@Orange Plum, But, but, I am for real. :(

Asif said...

20 sounds like the end of the world doesn't it?
The creation of my blog is a parable of my attempt at putting my non 20 year old self into cryogenic statis.

But I turned...

You might find something of interest in the older posts of my blog.

You have a new fan.

Anonymous said...

Wantto tell you..

No matter

S said...

Thank you, sir. =)