Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cookies don't crumble. They get eaten up.

I'm ODing on wafer-biscuits. Anybody remembers Pickwick? Those ones. No wait, how can you guys not know about them?

I'd had a little tiff with my mother over the weekend. To make up for it, I decided to take her shopping to a supermarket on Mother's Day. AND YOU KNOW HOW I HATE SUPERMARKETS. I made her pay for it. I nearly threw a tantrum until she agreed to let me buy those wafer-biscuits in all flavours. Hee hee. Now, we have so many of them at home, I think I'm bored of eating them already. :/

Anyway, because my blog is magical and things I write here come true yadda yadda filana filana, I want to experience paranormal activity. Atleast once in my life. Please?

It's funny when people tell me that they think my blog is funny. I don't know what to say. The tragedy of my life is the funny of yours? Sigh.

Friend 1: Hey! I'm dating someone.
Me: Oh, great.
Friend 2: Hey! My relationship is almost a year old.
(insert awkward silence)
Friend 2 and 1: So, when are you giving us the good news?
Me (in real): Ah, well, ohwaitIreallyhavetorushhome. Bye.
Me (in my head): Bitches, since when did dating someone be termed as 'giving good news'? I thought that had to do with making babies alone. WHATSHITAREYOUBOTHHIGHON?

Can people, for heaven's sake, stop embarrassing me?

I wish I could blog out here while on the move. You guys would be dead laughing, considering the kind of people I tend to hang out with.

I want to hold a party for all my awkward and horrible dancer friends alone. I really think we deserve some importance and I guess in the company of each other we will feel just fine.

While on Facebook, I figured I do not know half these people in my college. What, I spend my time in college talking to walls or what? I'm in my final year now and I am going to go out there and know everybody there is to know. Just you wait. Let college begin.

Considering the fact that I rarely ever 'hang out' with people from my college, my family is thoroughly convinced that I get beaten up and ragged in college. :) What family is this!

Hey. I'm living underground. Bye.

20 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Tazeen said...

I rarely hang out with people either. (:

Felicity said...

So when are you giving them the good news? :D
this is funny.

H.T said...

good news ?
that's what they say in movies when they are pregnant :l or when a sas asks her baho in soaps :/

quartertoinsane said...

hmm... dats just selfish-ish...

Ananya said...

Dating = making babies? OHMYGOSH! :D

Anonymous said...

I had no college life!

S said...

@Tanzeen, Awh! Why like that?

@Felicity, Grr, I no want to make babies. -.-


@quartertoinsane, What is?

@Ananya, Whattosay? :|

@Anonymous, Ouch.

Karishma said...

AT SHREYA: So listen college people can be lame sometimes, but you haz awesome people in real life no? (Refers to herself) Awesome people who learn dance moves from characters from your blog. Awesome Awkward party MUST happen.
That nonsensical pickwick, no? I use to finish the cream and force my brother to eat the remains. *Chuckles* xD

AT KARISHMA: Must you be so awesome all the time? MUST YOU? *Chuckle*

quartertoinsane said...

eating all those wafers alone...

Rahul K said...

I'm in for ze Partaaaayyyyy!
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/\o/ \o/

S said...

@Kay, Are you out of your mind? HOW can you lick the cream off PICKWICK? :O :O

I just think my blog does things to your sanity. Teee heee. :D

@quartertoinsane, Oh, that.

@Rahul, YOU are my brother from another awesome mother, man. :'D

Raey said...

Me loves Pickwick too!! Its my all time favorite snack :D

& whoever asked you about the good news..well what response were they expecting..(aahh there's a pun which is truely unintended)

& I want to see shooting star before i die

Soumya said...

Good news?? Yeah right!

Mugdha said...

I actually have friends who try to set me up so m not "lonely".
BTW you've got 255 followers!! o.O *yay*

Anonymous said...

double thumbs up for the dating bit.

aur-bata-koi-girlfriend-bani - - worst conversation starter ever!

Rachana Vaidya said...

I <3 Pickwick from ever!!....and please have that party for sure!!

Fiona said...

People are overrated. [:

Punkster said...


Whoever came up with that "Good news" comment, give em a high 5 from my side. =P

Maryam said...

Good news? -.- Fuck man.
Be social.

aakash said...

hehe... this actually is funny :P