Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Cow on a Fashion Blog.

Courtesy: Kay

Yes. I feel mini-celebrityish. Only because I was featured on my besties fashion blog. How convenient ;D

Cowness, who otherwise thinks that fashion blogs hijack way too much of limelight, now declares her love for them fashion blogs. Again, how convenient. D;

Well, it's mandatory that you go check the blog out. And, follow it. AND, leave chocolatecake like comments all over the blog. *slaps her wooden ruler against her hand*

Anyway, all of ^that fun happened when we, Cowness and Kay, decided to spend Valentines Day together. How? By walking up and down those lanes of the Fort area that no-one bothers to check out. We are awesome explorers like that. B)

My moral of the story: Bombay is farking beautiful. *tattoos a heart on Bombay's forehead*

You guys, I miss you. :) Hope y'all miss me back. You better. *sips tea with a stern look on her face*

Have a fabulous day. After you check out Purple Peeptoes that is.

PS: I am in love with those cotton pants and the worn out bag. I could cuddle them both and die.

6 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

sartorial diary said...

hey,i love your laidback artsy style!
and even though you don't really seem intersted in fashion,you're extremely stylish!!

do take some time out to check out my humble blog as well!

Shreya said...

I sure will. Infact, I already did! Thanks, honey. :)

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Awesome bag, awesome pic, awesome post, awesome you.


Ananya said...

Dudeee, you are so CUTE! :D

I love love love that bag!

And yeah, I miss you.

quartertoinsane said...

da cow looks aaawwweessooomeeee, bt m thinks its the bag that does it...

Karishma R said...

Shreya Sexy Butt. I'm going to bloody ban you blogspot for being so awesome and making my tummy jiggle as I giggle. *Leaves a trail of tears behind*