Monday, February 14, 2011

Figured you out.

Hello. :)

Right now, I am patiently smiling at every single thing on planet Earth. Patiently smiling, y'know?

I hate the way people treat people these days. Mostly, the second 'people' here includes people who aren't half as privileged and money laden as the ones belonging to the first 'people'.

Get a fucking heart, people.

Among other things, I need a secret blog. I will create one and it shall remain top secret. B)

A lot of things need to be written out, but I do not trust the Cyberspace.

I am not angry. It's the hunger in me that's sounding angry. I am waiting for dinner. Grrr.

2 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Karishma R said...

200 followers? Kameeney! :')

Lisan this first person second person is totally muddling my brain up. Kindly explain it to me when you see me in the person.


Aloma said...

figre you out reminds me of that nickelback song. yes, yes.