Monday, January 31, 2011

A short coffee mug

I miss writing to myself.

I'v had an overdose of socializing with people. Almost feels like I had people for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Insert any other meal course if there ever is.) I'm sort of switching off. And, it is not simple, man.

Oh, UK English or US English? You prefer? Just asking.

I do not intend to sound like a show off, but, I won this travel-blog related event held in college. Judged by the editor of Lonely Planet. Feels fabulous. Finally I got something to tell my grandkids, y'know?

Also, It's the end of January and I'v neatly wrapped up a lot of things. My internship, submissions in college, and submissions in college. And these days, (rather, beginning from today) my schedule for the day is: Attend class super regularly, eat super healthy, sleep super baby like, spend super quality time with the family, watch super trash television and be the super boring girl next door. Day one: Check.

Do you believe in Tarot? I am not sure if I do. But, the tarot card prediction for the year made by this friend are coming true. Already. (insert dramatic music)

Anyway. Cow meets the camera, guys!

Wake up, Sid.

Hands of stone


That's enough for today. Too much I'v entertained you. Whew.

Hilarious days, rain upon my readers :)

8 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Rahl said...

Yes I know, you gotta turn into a reclusive after you been yappin and crappin about ppl.

I dunno about 'bum-baey' but karachi's like that. bustling, dirty and FAST. sweet snaps though.

Sugar Magnolia said...


Ananya said...

That kinda rain is what I like.

And good luck with that. Being the boring next door girl.

The Me. said...

Ahmaaazing pictures. Captions too!
I love the title of this post.
Ima sleep super baby like tonight :D . I like this term. Sleepsuperbabylike. :D

quartertoinsane said...

gud with the girl nxt door thng

SaJ said...

Salutations, Such A Super Cow. :)
Where's the short coffee mug? There's no such thinggg!
And UK English of course, Mate. Comprendo?
Mooooo to the pictures. *Win*.

Sarai said...

hello there.. your blog is very interesting I like the pictures :)


maybe we could follow eachother?

Pran Dawas said...

slow days
'your blogs'
Good days