Monday, January 24, 2011

I have cold palms.

You guys see me almost as often as India sees Obama, man! True story. No apologies. *throws bricks at herself*

I find myself at a complete loss of words every single time I begin to write. Therefore I decided I'd rather do a quick 'Cow meets the Camera' post :)


Anyway. Melodrama aside.

These pictures are from this place I went to in Bombay. Details shall be posted sometime later.

Tough on Life.

I love clicking pictures of old people. Mostly because it leaves them all confused and feeling important x:) This uncle here, he kept looking into the camera for God knows how long! And then when I finally managed to get him to talk, he wouldn't stop. He insisted on taking a walk around the place even :s

Me against the light.

A very usual tree. Only, you don't find many trees around the city with those shoots hanging down.

The local adda.

I love the picture. It's filmy. It's filmy. AND, it's filmy. And they aren't posing.

Bricks or biscuits for the Cow?

How goes it on your planet, people? Anybody got married by force? Anybody choked on chocolate and fell dead? Anybody got run over by an airplane? No? Ah, boring.

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

ms.parker said...

I love this post because it is EXACTLY how I feel right now. E-x-a-c-t-l-y. Trying to write something for the past 2 days. :/ Maybe I'll post some pictures too.
See ya when I see ya!
much love

quartertoinsane said...

i wanted to give u chocolates, but i ate them all...

Pran Dawas said...

Yaar mast likhti hai tu...

the way you puts it down makes the whole difference to the thought for happening otherwise... lot of sugary stuff... imagine and eat

Prutha said...

cooolness!! my city i tell u, has just soo much shit to offer

Raheel Aijaz said...

This is why you call it a blog. Random aimless ramblings, that are so very pertinent to every rambler and...well rambler. Plus it makes more sense than you might've expected. Its like when you're in your cloud-nine-writing-mode, sentence after sentence just becomes itself.

Ananya said...

Well, I did choke on chocolate, but didn't fall dead. :/

I like that tree.

Indian Road Romeo said...

Please carry a camera at alltimes. You are gifted with an eye.

Shruti said...

GIRL, are you, like a Jane of all trades?? :O
Each time i hop on to your blog and i'm taken in by surprise.
Oh! I'm in lou with you *throws rose petals* ^_^ :*

Meher S B said...

I loved the post, and the pics, the second one especially. You get an amazing cookie for it. =)

Shreya said...

You guys, stop making me blush with all those compliments, ya :'>

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Bot bricks, item. Chocolate chips wala biscuit. And not hide'n'seek. Expeniseeeev wala.
Listen second picture is itna awesome. Proffesional it looks.

The Juggernaut said...

love the pic : D

nice capture !