Friday, October 22, 2010

Want no want.

I have my last exam tomorrow. Before I switch off for the next 4 months. Last. And I chose to update here. There's a pdf file open. Talking about how Hanuman has become more and more metrosexual over the past centuries. Waxed chest and muscles it seems. Chee chee I don't want to study such ashleel stuff :O

Anyway, listen to what I thought of the other day:
You always want what you clearly are not. Like, if you'r a human, you'll most likely want a chocolate cake. For all you know, chocolate cakes might want humans. Y'know, sitting inside those glass refrigerator type closed compartments, they'd be crushing on US. If you'r married, you'd want to be single. If you'r single, you'd want to be married. If you have babies, you'd want to unhave them. Buuuuutttt, if you had big monies, you'd never not want it. We'r conveniently smart like that.

Anyway, what goes mine? You be what you are, want what you are not, nobody is going to fall at my feet and fly me to Australia. (Totally disconnected.)

It's close to midnight. I have only a couple plus couple plus one two hours left for the exam and now I'm making pretty handwritten colourful notes :] I'm in absolute love with my handwriting. I think it's pretty. Bye.

13 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

gud luck...

Koshy said...

it feels wierd now if anyone says they have exams..
we dont have exams in my school..
yay yay!!

Sameera said...

ATB girl!

Darshan Chande said...

Have-unhave, like this creativity in writing!!
Good luck with your exam. :)

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I believe you are awesome! :P

I agree with chocalate theory..
I mean,we want them,they want us.
Like totally.


madrasdante said...

Exam shivers... exam fever, just cuz you got the exam and you don't want it... Isn't that why you are making those hand written notes ;)


Shreya said...

@quartertosane .. thankoo :]

@koshy HAW :O ya ya enough of the show off already!

@sameera ... long time :) thanks!

@the blue periwinkle Eh thankyou :]

@darshan chande .heh thanks :]

@madrasdante ... i dont get the connection sir!

et said...

Hey, good luck :)
Even you're writing style has changed a wee bit somewhere.

Koo said...

Good luck for it! Hope you don't write and unwrite it :P

Shreya said...

@et ... it has? good thing bad thing sir?

@Koo exams over kooo :] yea yea we study all that under Anthropology :/

madrasdante said...

@Shreya: Neither did I... I think better when I'm drunk :P

et said...

Its still good, no worries :]

The Goddess of Boho said...

I don't want to sound narcissitic and all, but I feel the same about my handwriting.
We are two beautiful handwriting wale items.
I must make it a point to tell your theory on chocolate cake theory has put me into deep thought!