Monday, October 18, 2010

Monkey talks as monkey does.

I type. You listen. Or read. Or whatwhohowever they do it on your planet.

I could sell you, you ,you or you for a chocolate cake. Oh, and you too! I'm that shameless. And last time, this poor thing was celebrating her birthday in the college canteen. I did not know her at all. I called her over and dug my hands into her cake. I'm a painful senior like that. And then no, after eating the cake, I felt queasy in the tummy. Like bad queasy. I must have bitched about her for atleast a month after the incident.

I daydream way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much :]

I talk. I love talking to people. Selective people alone. And then, when I'm talking, like when I'm telling them about a very interesting incident, I lose interest midway myself. And then I call for a sudden conclusion. Say something like 'I don't know what happened later.' And then continue sipping on my drink or licking at my plate. People sure do find it odd, it's on their faces, but they'r too scared to question Cowness.

I can't stand people whose life and Earth revolves around sitcoms and music. Nuff said.

And, *gulp*, I can't help but give people the 'Manhattan Onceover' :/ Though mine is a more local version, it makes you mean nevertheless.

And the biggest problem of them all: I watch all the television serials with the mother. And then I expect people to follow my lead. Because it really is cool like that.

"These days you don't find things like us, man." - Cowness (to favorite friend from same to same planet.)

13 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

i dont mind sharing a cake with da cow, bt a dude ate our cake lyk dat once, v haunted him for a month... drank his tea, ate his chips etc etc...

Bea said...

LOL.. watching serials with mum can be torturing sumtimes..

The Goddess of Boho said...

Haaww :O I steal cake too. As soon as I smell it, I collect everything I have, shove it in my bag, push everyone of my way and just run.
So high five! :D
Oh and invite me to this plan. Earth is waaaaaaay too bored. Hai na?

Ve said...

LOL.. we get it.. you love chocolate!!! Dont know if you live in town or not.. but save up sometime for a lil pricey dessert.. its called Kahlua Souffle at this restaurant called Joss at Kala Ghoda. Get ur folks to take you if you dont wanna spend! :) Unfuckingbelievable!!! Its this baked souffle dish with a thin crust on the surface and gooeey chocolate inside!! HMMMMM!!!! I think Im gonna get some myself this weekend! ;)

Shreya said...

@quartertosane .. haw! :P

@bea ... it is FUN with my mother :]

@the goddess of boho ... GOB! what plan? :O whatever it is, yea man, earth is boring! Item-meet days are our only hope :/

@Ve ... DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. die Ve die for making me daydreaming about it. I'm going to google it out now :] my college is in town, so I'm going to save up for two of them dishes, go park myself over there and stuff them into my tummy :'P

I said...

Hahahahha I'm going to be stalking you! LOVED your writing! \m/

Ve said...

LOL!! tsk tsk... the point is not to stuff your face!! Its to slowly let the chocolate melt and trickle down your throat... sparking off different taste buds on your tongue along the way!! Didnt you watch Ratatouille? ;)

Shreya said...

@I ... my pleasure madame :)

@Ve ... yes yes yes baba all that also. Point is : to eat chocolate :D

Ve said...

lol.. its true!! you are such a cow!! ;)

Sugar Magnolia said...

Leaving the specifics aside, your blog is still, still the only place where someone writes things I totally dig.

=) Much love to you, strange and wonderful Shreya.

Shreya said...

@Sugar daaaaaaaamn i'm blushing :P

Your picture is hotness btw! I'll drop by your blog soon! thankoooooo!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Do. :)

But I blog here now, mostly -

Best of luck with the exams. Smart girl like you with pretty handwriting; nothing can go wrong ;)

Shreya said...

aww thankoo :]

Following you now!