Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grow into a planet. Eat that much.

Childraaaaaaaan! I like Cute :]

No, wait. I love Cute. And no, cute for me is not pink and teddy bears and fluffy chappals and hearts on bags. Cute for me is sweet. No man, not strawberry milkshake.

I'd go mad bad sad laugh cry fly run over and die for sweet people. Also, I'm not into shady stuff like trying to put a message across to anyone through my blog, so yeah, this was a very random thing that struck me the other day.

And then today awesomeness happened. Just when I was into this whole Cute v/s Hot line of thought, I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. *dies*

That movie, my friend, is just is just is just lovely :)

Now, even I want to go out to watch a live cricket match some night (???!!) and bump into Nick-type guy and then have this whole insane night where all we do is drive around the whole frigging place and go place hopping. No no. No fancy clubs and all for the cow, footpaths and cornerwala sandwichwala does it for me :]

Bytheway, I'm making a list of things I'm wanting to do before I turn (ahem, insert some decent sounding age here no? )

Also, I went for this long walk the other day! Me and my stock of Cadbury Shots. That's it!

Also, my sister was named after this apartment block near my place. Because my mother loved the name of the block apparently =P So to make up for the lack of meaning in her name, she constantly picked on me. Told me my name meant a pig in German. And then I used to act like my life had ended and aimlessly run behind beautiful named kids in the babysitting. I was stupid like that.

I fink I'm going to watch the movie again.

10 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

dats choooo cote...

n insert 20, 21 or 22 for the age... its all the rage now...

Dandelion said...

nick & nora's infinite playlist is just super wow!
i remember i had seen it three days in a row after i 1st saw it....

n i just finished readin the novel on wich the movie is based a week ago....

n i hav to say, this is the 1st movie wich was better than its book!

n that says something, doesn't it?

n sigh about the name!
my dearest daddy named me "jitika" imagine!!!!

n people always misspell it as "jikita"...dats so typically gujju!

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

1.I love nick and norah's infinite playlist too.Like love it.totaly.
2.I'm not lesbian and I'm so not single.But I love you :P.and everything about your everything.

Shreya said...

@quatertoinsane. I'll pick 22 ! sounds safe :]

@dandelion ... aww! i was just going to check for the novel, but i won't now!!

@meher ... hahahhahahahaahah gosh women these days i tell you :P

Sorcerer said...

SO you can name people after apartment blocks..
next time someone is deeply confused about naming their kids..Well..I am gonna suggest them some cool names from bangalore..
Thanks for the intelligent input!

Ve said...

Havent seen the movie yet.. but after reading the wiki link(thanks:)) I think I should catch it.. it sounds cute!

btw.. did the Cadbury shots make a good walking partner?? lol and I'm waiting to see what's gonna be on that list of yours.. :)

Antara said...


This night is winding down but,
time means nothing.
As always at this hour,
time means nothing.
One final final round cos,
time means nothing,
say that you’ll stay,
say that you’ll stay.

Shreya said...

@ sorcerer ... like totally do that. let that sister of mine have company so i'm spared :x

@Ve ... Maybe girl cute, but cute.

Cad shots are AWESOMEEEEE! like pop them and they disappear :D and cheap also!

@Antara :)

The Juggernaut said...

i can jus say i m happy to b back ! because i get to read ur stuff :D

Shreya said...

OMGGGGGGGGGG where were YOU? :D like whereeeeeeeeeeeeee?!