Monday, October 25, 2010

Up for sale.

Ello! Exams done. Exams done. Exams done. All 8 of them. And now I'm bored. Wanting them exams back. Travel plans during Diwali are major fail cause food > travel. So, I needz internship to fill in the void. Listening anyone? Media related. Me and this Goddess of Nonsense are up for sale. Internship wise only.

I need a new playlist. My current one, between me and my current playlist, I almost know what song it is going to play next. Even when on Shuffle :|

The problem is, I can't ever seem to answer the 'What music do you like' question. Because I do not know, man. But since I assume you all will be more than willing to suggest songs, I'll tell you I'm more of the Indian Ocean or some Pakistani Band kind of a person. No Hannah Montana or Eminem for me. *gasp*

Suggest. Plis.

I'm a help-desk. Have I said that here before? Oh, I have. Anyway.

News: I haven't put on an ounce of body fat in the past 3 years. I swear upon my blog.
Proof: I was digging into my closet and found this old dress. Precisely 3 years old. It looked tiny and I was only looking at it and making fun of how tiny I used to be and the next moment I try it out and the nexter moment I slip into it like I just purchased it two moments back. *headdesk*
Result: The mother is going to be devastated. The amount of food I eat has cost her a bomb, I'm certain :/

"Even the plainest Jane has found her Tarzan and I'm sure they are up with wild things."

*bites into her apple* Nom Nom Nom.

18 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

sandhyaa said...

i wear my 6yrs old clothes without holding my breathe in. i love me :D
new playlist... try Arooj Aftab..

quartertoinsane said...

y do u get an apple... O.o

n on the musik scene, look for ugbs ro go to coke studio... da odrs r just spewing...

subbulakshmistoned said...

DUDE, WTH! I'd kill for a wish like that. Infact, I have been practising to ask for a wish like that if a Genie ever appears.
Anyway, Hi! I have been reading your blog for a long time, delurking only now.

Moonie said...

try out kimya dawson. and the beatles. and john lennon post beatles. and k's choice.

and if you dont like the beatles or john lennon, you something bad to yourself. they are awesome.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I would kill to fir into my 3 year old dress. * bites into her triple layered chocolate cake*

Amnn.......//1! said...

okie first things first ..!!
i m not n e cow who thinks u r awesome ..!!lol//
okie u might be awesome but i m no cow ..!1loll

n ewayz ..!!i have been around here for quite some time now in ur followers list out there n have rarely ever commented.
i know now (out of personal experince tat)its bad manners
cause i hate it when people read my posts and dont comment(well lets face it .the no of people who read wat i write leave aside comment is well just handful nonetheless )

it takes me atleast a week or may be two sometimes to finish a post
n u just blabber out crap and come with these amazin posts ..!!how do u do tat ,.??

Amnn.......//1! said...

i mean in usual circumstances y would i care which exam u have or where in ladak u had food ,,!!
but thers something bout the way u write tat i hadn ever commented but i thot i should so .
how do u do it ,??

Sameera said...

Music.. Try Colbie Caillat. Particularly the songs - Bubbly, Falling for you, you got me... amazing stuff.

For media related info try
Might help.

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Bwahaha! Wild things? It's okay. You bite seductively. If not Tarzan, then Adam will along.
He seems less muscular.
More your types.
Plus, I don't want you leaving among monkeys and all maaan :|

Also, shoooooow your pweetty tiny dress.

Lastly, I'm okay with being put up for sale. In more ways than one.


* disappears*

Shreya said...

@sandhya ... like clothes you wore when six? :O

@quartertoinsane ... because apples be healthy :]

@subbulakshmistoned ... firstly i like that name. secondly, delurking, i like the word. Thankyous plenty much :]

@moonie ... oh okay okay okay will check them all out :)

@bollywoodstyleD ... evil woman, now i want a triple layered chocolate cake too. Evil woman.

@Amn .. hahaha thank you much sir :)
Do you realize I talk to my blog? I talk to my blog. And maybe thats how it all just comes out :]

@sameera , i will be checking it all out madame :)

@Goddess of nonsense ... arrrgggghhhh adam shadam i don't want. I want only item-meet-divas :D :D

we'r up for sale on quite a few places, man :/

sandhyaa said...

@ shreya - glad u thought so :O (i may not have changed horizontally but i surly have gained vertically) clothes i bought 6 yrs back.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

That is so cool! Not putting on weight I mean. I took six months to lose some weight and put it all back on in two months.
I really really liked the post. and your blog. will be a regular here. :)

Richa said...

Goo Goo Dolls. You *have* to try their songs, please. Please?
Try Iris, Black Balloon and Slide. In that order.

The Me. said...

You're lucky you don't gain weight -.- .
I love food but I don't get why it has to go ahead and make me all fat -______- .
Grr. anyway. MUSIC.
Mumford and sons - Thistle and weeds.
Poets of the fall - War

Listening to those two these days.

Zakham - silversmoke

Shreya said...

@sandhya teeheee wai main sochu :P

@harini .. aww thankoo madame much :]

@richa ... ya ya ya I WILL try them :]

@The me : wheeeee but whats the point of eating if it doesn't show? :/

Harini said...

You havent put on weight! Thats a blessing. New playlist... try songs by Nelly Furtado, FLo Rida :).

Darshan Chande said...

I second what Amnn said in his comment. I feel much the same. Your blog is the ONLY personal diary type (meaning, practically useless stuff "generally" :P) blog which I read, and that's because of your AWESOME writing style. :)

(Take it 100% as a compliment, ok?)

Zeba said...

Hahaha, your writing is so entertaining wastey! No, your life is actually. And yeah. I'm sure you DIG those Hananh Montana and Miley Cyrus songs. Don't lie.