Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daughter of the light.

I'm so much at peace. Like, Ooooooommmmm!

Today, even if you come throw stones at me, I'll simply duck and smile. Mostly, cause I am at peace. I am at peace. You say 'war', I say 'peace'. You are 'pissed', I am 'peaced'. They ate 'pieces', I felt 'peace'. You are a 'Piscean', I'm a 'peaceful' Virgo. Like, peace. You get the point right?

Mostly, cause I am sick. Bwak. :E

No man, not pervert / fed up - sick. I'm unwell. Aaaaand my theory is, if I smile and act patient under the pretext of being 'at peace', people will bless me. And sickness shall leave me. I'm pretty much a loud mouth like that.

I'm so sick I could start singing hymns while sitting curled up on my couch like one dead cat.

Oh, I tend to exaggerate. At times. Like now. Only.

"One day, one day I hope to gather a crowd and say plenty of things in the air. No, actually, address people in particular. Hate is too strong a feeling for me to feel for people. Tell them about the plenty of love and unlove I have for them in me. And after a round of applause, have an airplane lift me up from center stage and transport me to someplace far, someplace unknown, someplace beautiful. And leave them people throwing tomatoes, eggs, stones, roses at each other. In my absence. Let them miss me while I'm gone. Bash each other up instead. I'm convenient like that." - Me.

One day, one day I also wish to spell 'conveniently' without having the spell checker to correct me. Asswhole :|

5 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Koo said...

Hahahah =]
When I'm sick, I'm at anything but peace.

razul said...

heyyyy !! i kindda relly like the way u write!! way to go ;)

Ve said...

so does this 'peace' madness come into play everytime eyou fall ill, or is this one time special?? rabid dog bit you maybe?? ;)

oh and btw, whenever that 'one day' comes around.. save me a seat, will you?? I have a feeling this is one speech I wouldnt wanna miss!! LOL

Shreya said...

@koo I give up on the world, y'know :/

@razul heeey thanks! :)

@Ve ... I'm quite a 'peace'ful thing like that :P sick or no sick.

Susan Deborah said...

This post made me feel calm and peaceful. If this way the way of life . . .

Joy always,