Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You know those kids in the local trains? Who *dive* to occupy that little available leg space you have near the window? Those kids. I am going to hit their heads on the bars one of these days :) Like kaboom! Dooooooooooode they lick those bars! I'v seen so many kids do that! Like, what are you?

And then this other day no, must have been my once in a million years wala lucky day. I got 'the window seat'. So, all filmy and heroine types I sat...wind blowing all the dust and trash at my face, music plugged in, me pseudo smiling anyway. (You see, the joy of teasing those other aunties who aren't sitting where you are sitting is simply out of this world.) And then, and then, aaaaaaaaaaand then, there's this SHOWER OF DAL (curry) ON MY HEAD. Some braindead aunty had placed her lunch bag on the bag holder above my head. Tiffin opened. Dal flowed out. Onto me. First I thought it was poop. You know right, fried dal is of the same colour :/ I din't know what to say. I was that shocked.

I'm too traumatized by the incident. Last time, no kidding, a bottle full of water fell on my head. So what if the cap was shut? Do you know how much it hurts? Come, I'll throw one on you and then we'll decide.

Acha, how many of you think 'Such a Cow' needs a change of layout? Bored? Not bored? or Just don't care? Tell me all!

:Did you know facts:
Such a Cow turned 3 this September. For some schizophrenic reason I forgot to act all Paris Hiltonish and celebrate my blog's birthday. Never mind. I'm broke anyway. So, ya! 1675 comments, 166 sexy people, 210 posts and one awesome blog-owner later, Such a Cow has progressed to kindergarten :]

I love us.

I'm a show off like that.

26 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Anonymous said...

are already some days I'm reading your blog and I find you amusing.Your temper tantrums and your willingness to make little boys lick iron bars are funny also.I personally think you should be shy.
For changes to your blog, maybe I'm too new here to give opinions but I think a little more color would be nice. :)

quartertoinsane said...

yaaayy... cakes for every1?

Seahorse of the night. said...

I can't stop laughing. Great work and lovely blog. Maybe kindergarten WAS fun. I need to get back! :)

Darshan Chande said...

Funny incidents with your "house of awesomeness" (I mean, HEAD :P)

Hmm... Change of layout. As it is, this one is just fine and unique. But still change is not bad, depending upon whether it's for better or backwards. So, you know... If after you have changed the layout I (and others) say that previous one looked more AWESOME then you'll know what to do. :)

Vintage Obsession said...

I normally read your posts in my reader but for this i had come here and say this , It must've been pretty traumatic but from a third person pint of view it's hilarious ,, i'm really interested to know what happened after ?

Shreya said...

@david ... thanks mate :] ummmm i try to put as much colour as possible...pictures and all, rather will try :) keep hanging in here!

@quartertoinsane ... what part of 'i am broke' did you not get? :P

@seahourse ... hehe thanks for dropping by :] come back here!

@Darshan Chande ... chee i'm too loazy to do that. plus i don't know how to get back to this plain dark template :/

@Vintage .... evil you :( arre telling you nah, i was SO shocked, i *actually* looked up at braindead aunty and smiled patiently. no kidding. i really did. and then she offered to clean the 'shit' up...but i did it on my own... quietly, smiling, still under the shock :/

Ve said...

LMAO!! UnF*ingbelievable!! I hope you were on your way home and not TO college! :D

Frankly, the layout doesnt really matter when you write the way you do. And its not just the content... I love your 'aaaaaaaaaaand then' and the 'Do you know how much it hurts? Come, I'll throw one on you and then we'll decide.' Its like Im having a conversation with you face to face!

and yeah.. honest confession.. back when I was in college.. I wanted to whack their teeny heads on the bars myself!

Shreya said...

Dooooooode I was on my way home! Phew! else i can imagine the horror :O

aww yea? :] thankoo! i do write like i talk to my blog. I'm a schizo like that!

Anandit _ Andy said...


DO NOT change the layout please. Its good the way it is. :)

Psych Babbler said...

I remember those kids...annoying as hell!!! And the dal incident sounds horrible...you have my sympathies! Train journeys in Bombay are never boring, are they? My worst case has been sitting next to a lady who was combing lice out of her hair. I preferred standing in the crowded train to that. Happy 3 years of blogging...looks like we started our blog the same year!

Shreya said...

@Andy .. you think so? Okay. Vote counted :]

@psychblabber aren't you coming to india anytime?

Koo said...

That would've really spoilt your hair :\ ugh. Very very very sad..
And the bottle. Shitt. You should stop sitting on those seats. Maybe just stand? :P

quartertoinsane said...

a wittle piece would do.... plz plz plz plz plz plz..... or m wishing 4 more daal on u!!!

Ve said...

oh yeah...how could I forget??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COW!! May this new year find you with plenty to say, tons of good news to share, incessant ramblings, a pinch of philosophical bullshit... and no more dal falling on your awesome owner's head! :D

Now that I've wished you... how do I go about collecting my slice of birthday cake? Chocolate right? ;)

Parinita said...

Your post made me laugh so much that it drove grumpiness away.

For your blog:

There. Now do I get cake?

Shreya said...

@Koo doooooooode come to bombay and travel! these trains are much fun. :]

@quartertoinsane ... ha okay. TAKE!

@Ve ... Chocolate ONLY. death by chocolate :] blog says thankoo!


Dandelion said...

change please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n congrats on stayin so so much time here!
your blog is always welcome wen i'm bored or angry or peeved or hungry! :D

Tarun Padmakumar said...

i heard about ur blog from a friend. ur candid writing style is entertaining and fresh, much like ur stories of mumbai. u've made a fan out of me. congrats on ur blogs recent advancement into preschool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cow.. The same anonymous again...I so very damn love this blog. And am katti with you :x You din't reply to my mail. Hmph.

The Me. said...

=O Traumatic indeed!
I've never been on a train. =\
And ooo. I'd like a new layout :D

Shreya said...

@dandelion ... hehe my pleasure maam :]

@Tarun ... heeeeey! thanks a ton for dropping by :) my pleasure! hang in here!

@anonymous oh ho! my bad! thankoooooo so much :] like THIS much!

what mail? :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

yikes, dal on ur hair - thats so horrible. How come u did make that aunty lick the bars:-)
Congrats on completing 3 years- now where is the cake?

An1rudh.B said...

Nice story, pal. Or should I say Dal? :P

Jeet said...

Dont know how i ended up here...but nice blog

Vintage Obsession said...

For some reason i can picturize the whole event in my head ,like i was there and it makes laugh soo hard like even now :-)I'm pretty sardonic that way :)

Magali said...

OMG this was so HEE LAY REE OUS. And epic. I laughed so much & got all weird looks from my mom. Then I read it to her & she said 'mad'. Yes. When she says that for any person, outfit, bag, whatever I know I'll love it!!!!!!!
But you never come visit my blog. Kutti ok. No barah baje butti.