Monday, October 11, 2010

I needz sleep.

It's so quite in here! I can hear birds! I CAN HEAR BIRDS OUTSIDE! I'm all in wheeee mode cause in all honesty, these simple joys are all gone. No. I don't intend to sound like some 80 year old sitting on her cane chair, but that is what it is.

Also, is it usual for people to fall asleep during an exam?

You know, a lot has happened in the past week. A lot. You could say it was all a bit too much. And if it had to do with things, I'm an expert at handling them. But with people, I can only fold myself up in a neat pile and lock myself in and let my theories grow inside that head until they consume me like one big monster munchie. You get the point?

A part of me is to be blamed. Because I am not used to handling people. I have never let myself handle people. I'v treated them like my television set. If the show starts choking my head, switch over to some other channel until the show gets done. Detach basically. Nice. Clean. Neat. And simple.

Or is it Attach. Detach. Never attach back? I think it's this ways.

I can forget people. It is *this* easy for me. (And I am not talking about memory-wise forgetting them here. Headdesk.) It's almost like, I need to figure some things out, rationalize a bit and Lo! you'v been shut out of my line of thought.

BTW! Fuck I found a new guy to ogle at while I watch the Australia-India match. Tim Paine

Being judged is not a worry. We all have a right to be judgmental. Only, we must try and not get 'the others' in the picture no? Paint your own conclusions. Why rely on 'the others' ?

If you thought gold-diggers is just a phrase, think twice. Gold diggers, people who change colours, complicated people, storytellers, happy people, they all exist for real.

Also, I'm no sad smiley even as I type this okay? Just that I got thinking and all that jazz :]

Double also, I need a wind-chime !!

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Ve said...

lol.. fallen asleep in a bus/car/train/plane.. dont think I ever managed to in an exam tho!

Tho I'm surprised.. for someone who has a very refreshing take on judging and being judged, I thot you'd be an expert on handling people. Coz normally its the judgemental attitude in folks that is too daunting a task to handle. and yeah... too many shades to people to simply take it in your stride.. changing channels on them is a good idea! :)

whats with the windchime? lol

Antara said...

Wrap yourself around a big comfy blanket and fall asleep!

Koshy said...

same with me. handling people is so difficult and forgetting them is like blinking and breathing..
i love this post!!

Shreya said...

@Ve ... you know more than anything else, I'm a liberal person that ways! So if i do allow people to judge me or others, there's this bit in me who does not bother a lot. Exactly why i allow them to judge me? because i judge people too. so it's fair enough.

It's just what Koshy just commented, handling people is DIFFICULT. so, i'v always tried to 'let it be' !

I looooooove things that make tinkling sounds :D hence!

@Koshy ... damn your analogy makes perfect sense :)

@Anty ... I wish i could :(

madrasdante said...

"It's so quite in here!"

Why yes it must be quiet and you could certainly use some sleep like me. I use the sleep hours daily, 8 to 10 per day :D


Anandit _ Andy said...

More people lead to more complications most of the times. Its good to shut yourself away, but not always.

I like the way you write. :)

P.S: At least you KNOW how you react in life. I have been trying to figure myself out for a long time now. :P

Shreya said...

@madrasdante :] I wish!

@Andy ... hey!! thanks mate :) no one has figured no one out. True story.

The Goddess of Boho said...

Beta, what pictures you are putting up :O
Looks more like you need other dirty things.
Sheee sheee!
Yeh bachche!

Shreya said...

shaaaaaaaaaaaaaat up :O i loved the room! and hence! too much aunty you are!

Antara said...

Do you wants Paine's autograph? My friend is getting one for me!

Shreya said...

I don't want printouts :/


Ve said...

LOL.. you think if you shout it loud enuff he might just send you an autographed pic?