Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wobble Topple Gobble. What not!

Cow meets the camera

I'm unwinding. Slowly. At my own pace. Backwards. It's all so beautiful :)

And, I'm a little lost. Ever seen a spinning top? Like that! It'll wobble at first, spin and spin some more before it goes off track, and then topple down.

I make myself look funny. By comparing myself to a 'spinning top'. Gah. And it's used for gambling and all it seems. Sheesh No!! I'm human only :/

Where: Rajasthan
Puppets...the colour says it all :]

Where: Dadar (Bombay)
I don't know, one of those times when I'm looking around, stare at something for less than a minute and just click. No rhyme no reason!

Where: This tiny village 120 kms away from Gangtok
This car was being washed. And the passion with which the guy kept scrubbing his car clean amused us all to no end :] though he disappeared when we clicked! Odd.

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7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Koshy said...

phone booth!!!
i am in love with that picture!!!

Shreya said...

no? the green and the blue? i loved it too :D

quartertoinsane said...

all the colors be good and pretty, bt mayb da guy was a ghost or somthig... cursed mayb, to wash his car to ever and ever...

Ubaid said...


An1rudh.B said...

Exactly. Phone booth is awesome. Where egjactly is it?

Shreya said...


The Goddess of Boho said...

Shre, I *love* these pictures.