Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Blueberry Nights.

When the cow meets the camera

I'm planning on watching 'My Blueberry Nights' today. And I think Jude Law is cute. So just before the movie, I thought I could storm in, vandalize this place with a couple of pictures and then disappear for a while.

I'm more of a Jude Law person. I think my neighbor looks hotter than Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Never got the hype that surrounds them two people.


Where: Himachal Pradesh
It is 4 am. Dark. And it was
cold. So cold, I couldn't keep my hands still to click the picture. And hence the blur!

Where: Dal lake.
Adorable local sibling-pair I met! They were out 'shopping' for groceries. By the way, that is how you shop in Kashmir!

Where: Leh's border (??)
It's a loo!!! And right behind is a river! I wouldn't mind spending my life in there! We were bored. Waiting for paperwork to get done just before entering Leh.

Stones or milk for the cow? :]

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Rahil said...

being in J&K and being closest to these places, i never ever have visited these places. Jealous of you.

And you just gave the name of the next i'm going to watch. Thanks. Was looking for a one :P

Here on ur blog after such a long time, why the title has changed??

bollywoodstylediaries said...

you break my heart - u dont like George Clooney!!

Darshan Chande said...

Pics making me jealous! ;)
My Blueberry Nights, Hmm... Jude Law has a *nice kiss* in it. Hehe.. We are all cheap only. (In your tone!) :P :P

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!! You are very awesome!!
I came here through Tears and rain..
I like u r blog..u got words..u got pics..u got feelings...all so very amazing!!

To tell you I haven't been quite regular in blogging like I used to be ...So my comments may not be frequent but Seriously You have one amazing blog!! Keep blogging!!

NIM said...

beautiful pictures :) i love the one with the kids shopping!

Me-Era* said...

Nice pictures! :)

Shreya said...

thankoooo everyone :]

Anonymous said...

drama, you like it? you must be virgo... undoubtedly?

just a wild guess :)

Shreya said...

Monkeeeeey! I am :D Virgo!