Monday, August 23, 2010

When the cow met the camera.

And when I'm not eating or blogging or checking random people out or attending class or meeting deadlines at work or watching trash television with much curiosity or observing aunties and uncles or struggling to keep my neighbor's baby from falling off my hands, I dream of being a photographer. I am a wannabe photographer actually.

I thought of an idea!

And this is what I have for you to see! When the cow met the camera :]

Where: Rajathan.
Those dancers were supposedly eunuchs. Trust me, they looked fabulous, they looked beautiful and they danced like no mans business!

Where: Opposite Fashion street, Bombay.
A couple of you must have seen a picture of these adorable kids I had earlier put up! This was more impromptu because those kids couldn't decide on their 'pose' :]

Where: Lachung, Sikkim.
It was cold and extremely windy! And clean! And clear! And blue! I don't remember much of it otherwise because we were all brain-frozen!

This is only a part of the movie 'When the cow met the camera' :]

Cow needs love, milk, biscuits and everything you have to say!

18 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

no more cookies milks or cakes, more pics more pics more pics more pics...

Fickle Cattle said...

The second photo, with the kids, is really cool. I like how the light strikes their faces.

Shreya said...

@quartertosane ... hahhaah patience :]

@@ficklecattle thanks! thanks for dropping in :)

Anonymous said...

good work..cry me a river is a real master piece..
it depicts the path of life, full of pebbles n stones but still life will make a way for itself.kudos.

Koshy said...

cry me a river is amazing!!!
i want to see more photographs!!!

Darshan Chande said...

Cow is a good photographer. :)

Dee.Dee said...

Cookies! Cakes! Milk! Cows!

All the things that define awesomeness for me :D.

Dee.Dee said...

Oh and that's a kickass picture at the View Complete Profile corner. And it has green innit! =D

Shreya said...

@rollingstone AND koshy AND darshan AND dee.dee ... thankoo you so much! be kind and come back for the rest of the pictures too :P :]


The Goddess of Boho said...

Cow also needs a beeeeg hug!
Why are you not clicking for peeptoes already? hmmmm? hmmmm? hmmmmm?

Also, the title cow meets camera is superfab. I'm picture a new blog alreday :)

Niyati Gandhi said...

So, you are a photographer, blogger and go to Xavier's.
Damn I envy you.

Moonie said...

your posts make me hungry.

and you take beautiful tasveerein. =)

Shreya said...

@GOB ... Haha i don't mix my personal and professional life GOB :P

acha if and when photography blog happens, i know what its going to be called :]

@Niyati ... awwww come on! You too were here, at Xav no :D

plus i'm a 'wannabe' photographer!! :]

@Moonie ...i do? good thing bad thing? anyway thankooo!

Oddball said...

awesome cow take awesome pictures. :) i also think looking/watching random people is fun. which might have something to do with why u take good pictures.

Shreya said...

haha you think so? :D thankoooooo!

NIM said...

BEAutiful pictures!!! U have an awesome eye for creative stuff! I love the photoshop work u'v done on the first pic

hopelessly flawed said...

you are a good photographer...these pictures are more than random good clicks.
the first picture is a piece of art.
stay awsome!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love the first pic..cow needs to take more pics!!