Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On a Trash Treasure Hunt.

When the cow met the camera...

I was out for one whole day, had trash-food, had more trash-food, hung out with people who watch trash C grade trash movies at 50 bucks just for the kicks, discussed such movies in depth, in detail, like U break my heart...I break your bones ,went hunting for trash movies in the Fort area for my birthday movie-marathon, read out loud names of shady porn movies and had a trashy-laugh-time.

I am very cool that ways. I hang out with people who define 80 percent of my coolness.

Okay please excuse the scandalous poster I shared up there.

Anyway, go have a look at 'When the cow met the camera' part deux.

Where: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Yet another 'firangi' family out on a vacation. All of us girls couldn't take our eyes off the men in the family...4 of them. Adorable as hell.

Where: Rajasthan
It was a fort. And after having gone through *so* many of them, I was bored. And thirsty for certain.

Where: College campus
One of those very very very rare occasions when the campus is empty and we go mad-click! I'd rather be behind the camera on such days. Yus sir.

Cow needs love, milk, biscuits and everything you have to say...

7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

i likes like a star... its gt dat strange feel to eeet...

bt its so less pics, more more mooooreeee....

Shreya said...

hahah less pics? more to come! have patience, keep it :P

The Goddess of Boho said...

I think the last picture is so simple, tes very cute. You should send it to Midday or something. When they write those shady nostalgic article, Mumbai ke college din or something, they'll put this picture along. Rich and famous you'll become.

Also, I love the first picture as well as the title. That 'precisely' how those idiots feel, no?
As for eyeing the men of the family go, paeeeedddooooophile!
Sheeeeeee! :P


Anty said...

You're the absolute cutest. ^_^

And the photos beautiful. And I watched Love Me If You Dare. It was the best rom-com in ages!

Anonymous said...

like a star is a good click...waiting for more pics..
n its been so far so good:]

Anonymous said...

n ya do give a read to my blog and share ur thots .. that would be very humble of u:]

Shreya said...

@GOB ... don't call them idiots :( they'r CUUUUUUTE!

@Anty hahha thankoooooo :]

glad you liked Love me if you dare :)

@Rolling stone... thanks a ton! I'll pay a visit as soon as possible :)