Sunday, August 29, 2010

I used to rule the world. But then I got tired of it.

I do not feel too good today. I want to write. But there's this huge difference between wanting to write and being able to write. It's one of 'those' days where I write and I delete. Like convincing my alter ego that yes! it has been published and you have spoken the uneasiness out. Very argh.

I'm 19.

And while I was having a lovely time at work, my academic life seemed to have coiled itself up into a ball of complications and the ball seems to be speeding downhill and I got no time at all. No. I'm not the kinds who'll go running behind it screaming frantically. I'm sitting at the top of the hill. Staring at everything below me. Picking at blades of grass. Cutting myself piece after piece of chocolate cake. Yes. I'm that convenient. Food has to find its way in.

Also, I do not like people anymore. I just do not like them. I have a bunch of people I like and I want to be left alone on a planet with them. I just don't like the rest of the people anymore. OMG I DONT EVEN LIKE MY MAID ANYMORE.

I want to give up. Not on life you idiot. I want to give up on my projects and I want to continue to work and earn. Because, honestly I do not care what good child labour laws do because I know they do no good whatever the fuck these intellectuals have to say. I do not want to know what a wasted oldie has to say about Gender Education, cause boys and girls are fuck lazy and just like me are exhausted of this whole education business.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, now, I am genuinely sick of people who are show offs. One tight slap I want to give each of them. Also people whose life revolves around love and sex get a tight slap. Because I said so.

Basically, my academic life is doing things to my brain and causing the cow to roar instead of moo.

Heard of the mad-buffalo disease? Ya, same thing.

I had a heavenly Birth-day :]

My cake :]

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

hopelessly flawed said...

happy birthday!!
im staring at ur cake right now coz it looks soooo good..may b i'll get a taste f it if i squint wid all my energies at it.
aniws ur the awsome cow...and hi! i am hopelessly flawed..the oppsite...but i cudnt help feel sum parallel things..
i write things i delete all the time...done it fr yrs..i have a blog called "things i write and delete"...i wrote a sad post on my bday inspite f having th most perfect day its on "junkyard"...and i mostly don't like people..i miss the way i used t look at thm..but sumhow iv run out of patience..
and yes im obsessed with love...yes absolutely we need a tight slap lol
aniws cheers!

quartertoinsane said...

da cake looks nice, can i have a piece?

n dis z happening cause ur studying boring political and human sciences, y dont u do arts and stuff? u knw creative writing like, u could become a famous writer...

Shreya said...

@hoplessly flawed..
thanks lady :)
you dont get the cake. cow does not share cake with anyone. noone. no.
i write and delete and fortunately this time i got myself to publish it :]
a handshake for having lost patience with people. handshake.
tight slap shall follow.
Come back here :D

@quarter to sane oneone gets the cake.
creative writing and all is a part of my academics but :)

Ms.R. said...


Happy belated borthday!

Shreya said...

thankyouverymuch :]

The Me. said...

oooo. Happy birthday you!
I hate people at times too. But then it goes away. Yours shall go away too. I hope =D .
Hahah totally agree with the tight slap deserving people. They sure do need one >.< !

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes to you :)

Anandit _ Andy said...

A very happy birthday! :)

pailicious said...

haa your cake looks awesome,and my belated wishes dont really make a diff i knoww ;p ,but nice reading your blog! : )

bollywoodstylediaries said...

LOL!! Love, love the title!!!

i also want to be marooned on an island with Kindle and an endless supply of potato chips!!

Happy Birthday!!

Where's my party invite??

Jean said...

Everyone hates their maid.

The world is hopelessly flawed and chocolate cakes are meant to divert us, to meddle with our thoughts and keep us away from the truth. So far, they seem to be doing a good job.

Happy Birthday!

Shreya said...

to one and all...THANK YOU For THE WISHES :D