Monday, August 2, 2010

Read, Laugh, React, Gasp, Frown, Sigh, Forget.

It is August. I'm at work. Working on a story that concerns pregnant women. Babies. August. Me!

No. I'm not having a baby.

I was a baby once upon a time in August some 18 years back :] Cute no?

As a baby, I was pretty much the same. Never caused any trouble. Traveled ticket-less in the local trains. With the mother of course. Helped her call for taxis and autos. (You know, mothers use their puppy faced babies for this task. It is legal.)

At the babysitting (I refuse to use fancy words like crèche and all.) I ate and I slept. I had two best friends from kindergarten and they were the last best friends I ever had. All of us, some 10-15, used to watch television shows with our babysitter all through the afternoon every single day. Though not a word made sense. Now you know where the filminess comes from :]

And we all ate from each other tiffin boxes. Total chaos. Taking advantage of the situation, I ate more than I should.

We made up stories and all of us believed each other cause none of us knew what the other was talking. Then, in the evenings we sat in a row waiting for our parents to pick us up. Like jail inmates.
(okay i tend to exaggerate a bit for fun :P)

On those rare occasions when I cried, babysitter's teen daughter did two things:

  1. Put me in a swing and swing the swing at an angle of 180 degrees. I froze into wide mouth mode for the rest of the day.

  2. Spray half a bottle of perfume on me. I froze into dreamy eyed mode for the rest of the day.

And then, once I got back home, I ate more and I slept more-er. Not one moment of trouble I gave anybody.

And I am not kidding about any of the details I have divulged up there. It is very personal. Please do not talk about it outside this blog. People will stop sending their kids to babysittings.

BY THE WAY, babysittings are the best things that can ever happen to a baby. It's almost like you have two families. not friends, they'r family. Trust me :]

I love my babysitter. I visit her every month. To her, I dedicate this post!

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. Why did I have to grow up?

27 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Me-Era* said...

Sweet! :)

quartertoinsane said...

i lyk da tips 4 shutting up babies, i'll try em on my nieces and nephews...

...Jitsy... said...

choooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darshan Chande said...

LOL! It's hilarious knowing what your babysitter's daughter did to you... I laughed out loud! :D

Great post, again!

Shreya said...

@Me era ... thank you :]

@quatertosane ... no no its not legal. all those ways.

@jitsy heh :D

@darshan ... hhahha thank you :]

Black Magic Woman said...

Leo babies are the adorablest :) (Or are you a Virgo? In which case, samepinch.)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Happy Bday!!

and honestly, watching TV the whole day at that age..hmmm, I really dont know what to say - no wonder u love ur babysitter!!

Shreya said...

@black magic woman, yessss! i be Virgo :] happy Bithday month to us !!!! oh wait, yours is in september?

@BSD, hehehe can't help....we had nothing else to do :P

Shas said...

choooo chweettt....jus loved it and it tickled my sides :D
Would love to know what more happened to the baby :) :)

The Me. said...

I didn't have a babysitter. Well, kind of one. She visits some times :D

Rishi said...

cho chweet and chorrect.

- A Crooked Smile

Pooja said...

aww! so sweet! :)

sulagna ™ said...

she swung you at 180 degrees...hey bhagwaan..and then she is also the babysitters daughter!! haaii raam!!!

uglyduckling91 said...

Didn't you ate her?!
And how old is her teen daughter now? *cough*

Shreya said...

@shas... hahah hang around here to know more :]

@sulagna ... heeeeeeeeeeey long time, innit? :) but she was damn fun, the daughter!!!

@uglyduckling ... OYE :x you dare not flirt with anyone when I'm around. I am telling you.

Moonie said...

my maids were my babysitters ever since i was two till i was like thirteen. then one got married and the other got pregnant and ran away. =/

Shreya said...

Hmmmmmmm...interesting :P

K-ay said...

Awwww such a cute baby you were, taking advantage of the free food. I would have totally kidnapped you if I were an aunty :D

Anyway, I bees very proud of you becoj you meet your baby-sitter every month. Also, because you actually liked those days, unlike people who cry and grumble about having traumatic childhoods because their parents were working and all. I mean you've got to be independant. The sooner you learn it the better. Hai na?

Shreya said...

when are you not proud of me? :D huh huh huh? tell me ? :P

The Lyrical Designer ♥ Quit yer Blatherin said...

Hello from another Indian Cow. :)
my baby sitter was my grammaw, and she was my partner in crime until i finished highschool ( not that i needed babysitting until then!) but anyways, she was the best secret keeper i have ever known.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

Cute..!!they would swing you at an angle of 180 degrees.must have been fun for a toddler.
*sitting in a line like jail inmates*..haha..!!

Shreya said...

@the lyrical designer ... my grandmom was in a different city :[ lucky you lucky me :]

@meher ... :] thanks a ton for the follow!

Anonymous said...

1.Put me in a swing and swing the swing at an angle of 180 degrees. I froze into wide mouth mode for the rest of the day.

2. Spray half a bottle of perfume on me. I froze into dreamy eyed mode for the rest of the day.

that's some verbal pictures there!

eNiGmA said...

OMG am becoming another linda goodman, smhw ur posts always used to give me a feeling that it's scribbled by a leo....n here u r :) so... wishin u a gr8 gr8 'B-month' :)

Shreya said... will continue to become Linda Godman, but, the problem is that I'm a Virgo :D

eNiGmA said...

OMG OMG I'm glad secretly to knw that I'm not another Linda Goodman in making... i ws almost scared abt it... but nvrthless if August is ur month... then wishes still stand there .... ve a gud one;)

Shreya said...

thankoo you :]