Sunday, August 1, 2010

Planet Earth needs you. A bean bag needs me.

Did you guys miss me? I was never out of here anyway.

August is a very sexy month. August Rush is a sexier movie. Happy August to us!

All awesome people are born in August. Get the hint? :]

I'm a student of Political Science. I don't care a rat's ass about the subject, its content or the things it could do to my planet.

My class was discussing America, India and Pakistan. It sounded like a perfect love-triangle to me. They certainly were discussing something real serious. About nuclear deals and this that. It was pouring. I was doodling. I wasn't bothered at all. I felt sick. I wanted to run out of class. I wanted to be home. I wanted to coil up in bed and sleep. Maybe munch on a couple of biscuits.

I do not care for the future of my planet. I really dont. Go ahead and judge me.

I only want to graduate, get myself a decent job, earn myself the monies and go shop or eat. Husband-y plans obviously shall follow.

I am not your superwoman who is out to make this world a better place to live in. I only want the monies and the jobs and the shops.

Whoever said that the bright future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, must think twice. Trust the youth like me to wake up one fine morning all full of vigor and go back to sleep again only cause it is pouring outside.

I wonder what I'm made of sometimes. The answer is simple. Matter.

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Me-Era* said...

LOL. Loved the last para. :P

Happy August to you too. :)

Freelancer said...

lol.... actually awesome ppl are born in July too...u know the july-aug combo...the LEO's

shame if you aren't one :P

Shreya said...

@me era, thank you :]

@freelancer ... I know exactly why you'r saying so, you must be one of them :P

...Jitsy... said...

love triangle?
love-hate-more hate-hate at its height-and so on triangle more like...

FYI, i always LOVE the sentences in blue....
makes it look like two difrnt ppl hav written d posts -
the normal white colorwala by the fun shreya
the bluewala by the deep philosophical shreya.

loooooveeeeee it!

Shreya said...

thank you jitsy :) i have to rack my brains bad to think that philo stuff out :P

quartertoinsane said...

m bored ov india-pakitan-america... v need a new super power, mayb uganda... or or ... ummm... eastern islands

m wid u on da goin bak to sleep cause its raining thing... I likey slacking off in rain...

K-ay said...

zeeee lolz item! ze lol!
I keep thinking the same thing actually. That I'm useless when it comes to doing anything for the country. Unless it has to do with ze ladki log. Mahila aandolan I will lead. Sita will have to follow!

Yenyway, ze last para had me laughing like a 5o year old aunty with food choked in her throat.

You get the drift no?

Before I leave I want you to know that i completely support the make monies and eat and shop policy. Our life will be cool like that. Pinky swear, I tell you.

quartertoinsane said...

n i forgot, a happy birthday in advance.. whenever dat z

Shreya said...

@quarter to sane ... thank you :] and ugenda this that i won't bother reading :P

@K-ay hotness!!!!!! i
*knew* you'd agree to this post of mine...I KNEW IT :D

Raghav said...

hmm u seem set for a life of idle-ness.
may god give you strenght!

L1L2 said...

:) quite an honest post no doubt:) but happy birthday and we shall try the lime shirt n red flats one of these days. might be a fun mix... have a great week ahead!

Koshy said...

i dont even want a job.. i just want to win a big lottery or marry a flithy rich guy or just hope that my relatives leave me with a lot of money!!!

Shreya said...

@raghav ... yes i am fit for such a life. be jealous :]

@L1L2, how sweet of you to drop a comment :) thank you! said it. i too dream of all that, but all this be independent shit makes me want to re-dream :/

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

I could sleep,sleep and sleep any lecture that would go on.

Niyati Gandhi said...

Sometimes, actually no.
I am CONVINCED that you are a blogging genius.

Shreya said...

awww niyati thankoooo so muchies :]