Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pandora's box had too little.

Too much I talk.

Saturday is such a dead day to blog. Thats like saying Thursdays are the best days to go to temples. No logic. No reasoning. Blog doesn't belong to my neighbor.


Major movie marathon happened last midnight. Started with a genius movie like Boys Don't Cry and ended with...ahem you know it, Bend it Like Beckham :]

Yaokayfine, I won't get started with Jonathan Rhys Meyers again. (but, if you have a heart, a hand and eyes, please click on him.)

I saved The Blair Witch project for the morning cause frankly I'm too cool to admit it, but these scary movies scare me. A lot.

Anyway, I am extremely bored and I'm going to list out the kind of people I dislike.

Showoff's. Girls who giggle. People whose life starts and ends at Football. Aunties who open and shut windows every two minutes in the train during the monsoon. Uncles who stick their hands out and walk in a crowded place. People who think ethnic wear is very auntyish (Now these people I would specially like to meet in a room.) Kids on Blogspot. Or twitter. Or in my apartment block. Movie critics. Lizards. Underscores. Internet Explorer. Blueberry Cheesecake. Gel pens. Yahoo mail. Wordpress. Subway. Guitarists. Brad Pitt. Okay, I got carried away.

Anyway, I will worship you if you watch and understand and like Paris Je T'aime. Or even Trainspotting will do. I just realized, those are the kind of people I like.

PS: those two movies I just mentioned do not belong to Planet Earth.

Aaah I'm having a very movie-ish weekend. And the next weekend, I blush when I think about it, it's going to be that lovely. With shadyman N and the Goddess of Boho. Birthdaywala weekend :]

Nicole: You don't seem like you're from here.
Brandon: Where does it seem like I'm from?
Nicole: Someplace... beautiful.

I was almost going to pull Hilary Swank out of the screen and lock her in a jar. She was that cute. As a boy, Brandon. In Boys Don't Cry.

Last bit, I shared so many links with you I feel like a pimp :O They could pay me you know.

14 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

I wish i could have watched the movies i got, now its all piling up... :(

ps: blair witch project is just hyped up... it disappointed me...

kaka said...

well i loved boys dont cry and trainspotting. hillary swank what a performance. i don't know many friends haven't taken to trainspotting as i did. haven't seen the others except for bend it like beckham. new york i love you isnt thta a remake of that paris thing????

Shreya said...

@quartertosane ... it wasn't thaaaaaaaaaaaat bad, neither was it thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat good...very okay, but sort of scary! the blair witch project that is!

@kaka ... yes, new york i love you! its a remake! pretty blah if you ask me as compared to the paris one!

Moonie said...

you make me very very happy.

Vintage Obsession said...

Oh with the Paris Je T'aime the feeling is mutual , the other one i haven't seen . I just finished a movie marathon meself ,thanks to the flu I've in bed with movies all day ,My list of re-plays and new ones would include Before sunrise ,before sunset, wonder boys , Il postino,2 days in Paris.Cool hand Luke all this in 2 days . I've got to get a life in the real world :-)

Shreya said...

@moonie ... awww and you are extremely sweet :]

@Vintage Obsession ... haw! get well soon :s

K-ay said...

Giggly girls you don't like? Even I don't like them. But sugar makes GOB giggle a lot. Whattodo?

Annnyway, I saw New York, I love you. I don't think I saw Paris. Give shady-woman, give!
Boys don't cry also I haven't seen Sheeeeeya!

Blair witch I don't want to see. GOB is very afraid of scary type movies. :(

Brad Pitt you don't like? Ten years ago he looked very hawt ya! Anyway, he dumped Aniston, so I don't like him either. :X

Scribblers Inc said...

The moviefreak speaketh! high five!
Though, why would you hate guitarists? I hope you got carried away or somethin!

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-since you love french cinema, watch something called 13 tzameti and love me if you would thank me for it!! :)

Shreya said...

@k-ay ... see that is only occasional giggling. that is fine. not like you open your eyes, you giggle, you shut them, you giggle, you do nothing, you giggle :|

also, Kaaaaaay i don't have Paris with me :( but i have Boys dont cry! so next weekend when we meet, i'll get it on a pendrive :]

i never liked brad pitt.. never!!!

@scribblers .. High Five :D
I dont like guitarists. they think they'r too cool. they think their guitar's going to take them through life and death :| you are one of them, errmm? i like drummers :]

also, GOOD that you reminded me of Love me if you dare ... I HAVE SEEN IT! French no? it was sooooooo odd that i couldn't stop watching it :] and now i'm going to mention it in my next post! thank you :]

uglyduckling91 said...

We should start a

Koshy said...

is your birthday near by???

Shreya said...

@uglyduckling you said it. and then upload life size hot pictures of him?

@koshy yessssssss! coming saturday :]

The Goddess of Boho said...

Haaa! Good idea it bees. get more moveeej and lots of mujic. okaaaay?

Darshan Chande said...

Got some good movies to look forwards too.... :)