Monday, August 16, 2010

I see madness. And I see insanity. And I shut my eyes.

No no don't cringe and cuss.

I was in the train today. All happy and exhausted and hungry and hungry. I was having an apple. And then suddenly everyone starts starring at me. At me. At my apple. I wait for a moment and look at it. No. It din't resemble a raw human brain. I do not know why they were starring at it. No, I'm not a messy eater. Eating an apple is very okay, you know :/


Then two girls enter. And get all touchy and climby and grabby with each other. (I know I always end up traveling with sort of odd people. Also, I do not mean homosexuals are odd, its just that I believe if you indulge in bucket loads of PDA in a local train, you are odd. Homosexual or no homosexual.) And then there was space enough for all of us train people to roll on the floor. It was that empty. But these girls chose to sit on each others lap. No kidding. So, since everybody else was bored, they start GLARING at the couple. Glaring Glaring Glaring Glaring.

I almost thought aunties are going to pull the chain any moment now.

Two minutes later all the aunties and the couple are sharing a goooooood laugh. Aunties advising, girls making mental notes. I yank my earphones off. They were discussing how must one deal with pesky prank caller men :| Woman power only this is.


That is Bombay for you. This city has gotten me insane.

I don't reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like local trains. Only because I meet my school friends in there. And minus 2, I hate all of the other 300 people from school. I was the uncool kid, according to them, back in school.


A bus conductor stepped on my foot. Again. Like it was my foot and the whole frigging bus conductor on it. I yelped. But, who cares. He and the bus driver together were busy screaming at one real old smiley uncle who got into the bus from the wrong door. And that uncle, kept grinning like idontknowwhat. They were this close to bashing him up you know. Old age brings along madness i guess.

That is Bombay for you. This city does not let me fall out of love with it. Too much only this is.

17 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

fizzleh said...

I love the way that you write down your thoughts, it's so unique! I know what you mean though, buses and trains are pretty crazy places. But I guess that's what happens when you take people with different backgrounds and experiences and life stories and personalities and shove them all into a tight space.

Koshy said...

damn... i miss bombay so much now.. i am in love with the way you have portrayed the city!!

quartertoinsane said...

all awesome people are uncool to begin wid, den dey become awesome :D

Shreya said...

@fizzleh ... Thank you :] that is exactly what i meant! such odd people crammed up in one place is bound to have a crazy outcome :D

@Koshy awww thank you :)

@quatertosane ... I KNOW RIGHT :D

Anonymous said...

good work mate...
kudos..I am your fan feel like meeting u..
U write so very well keep writing..
I have even copied your blog
can't help it was too god to resist.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

lol.. you seriously do end up with loads of weird people!

Shreya said...

@rolling stone: ummmm thank you :)

also, i dint mean you could copy copy my post, you could'v done it as a tag...please do not do so next time, its a request :)

@pooja...whattodo? :P

Anonymous said...

i have not completely copied your blog for that matter,
its more like bollywood movie taking inspiration from hollywood movie.
that is it no big deal, i reckon.

Moonie said...

i have never been in a bus or a local train or anything like that. it must be so awesome.

Shreya said...

@rolling stone: No. I have an issue cause it has been taken word for word. Please refrain from doing so next time. I'm not a huge fan of such things. thank you :)

@moonie....OMG whatyousaying? it is awesoooommmmeee!

Anonymous said...

its ok lady..
next i'll tag you..
happy now??
I am also not a huge fan of such tantrums.

Shreya said...

thank you for putting up a show of good manners.

Anonymous said...

ya we delhiwallahs are always like that!! :]

Anandit _ Andy said...

:D Very well written! :)

Shreya said...

thankooo :]

K-ay said...

'Whattodo?' These trainswali aunties are always like that. Staring inappropriately all the time.
then they start to whisper baout my glasses.
Ridiculousnessness I tell you! :P

They other day this girl is like:
Yaaaar I told my mama to get me an LV bag (LV being Louis Vuitton). Phir sochhhh, sab kahenge she's the girl will the LV bag.

There is no limit to the number of blondies in the local train no?!

Shreya said...

dont even talk about them staring at my glasses :| i better not get started only! such awesome things get such ridiculous reactions i tell you ...

but i love it :P