Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunny on a Sunday. Call me Happy.

I could wear an old tee and snuggle up and act bunny or bear and go to sleep. I'd love to wake up and find myself somewhere down South, with the grandmother, cause it is the monsoon.

It's a Sunday. As a kid, Sundays used to scare me. Like back then I wasn't aware of cooler words like 'depress'. And hence 'scare'.

But now, i love Sundays :]

Today, it's raining outside. And I'm only 18. Not 81. But I feel so old and happy and content and retired types!

The mother had plans yesterday for herself, which meant I'd be all alone! Then today morning she decided to cancel her plans. For she wanted to be home with me :] Like I am that awesome!

And now, she's cooking for me! And I'v asked her to boil potatoes for me! I love potatoes! And while I was clearing out my stuff, I found a huuuuuuuuuuuge tee that has 'Australia' written all over it. It is navy in colour and is huuuuuge and warm and soft. I won't let it go. I'm going to be holding it for the rest of my Sunday :>

Y'know, yesterday, a tragedy happened. I was walking through my college's canteen and this group of juniors were looking at me and passing comments. And I wasn't even dressed as a bunny. I could'v ran to the loo and cried. But I stopped right there and stared at them. Like a very blank stare. I was only helping them check me out head-to-toe and pass comments with much more ease. They all got up and left.

My mommie just came and fed me something sweet cause I was typing :] She be sweet mommie ever. All the two of us can think of is what to eat, when to eat, what to eat, when to eat. I love her. You all know that by now :]

Oh I have to go. I'm going to watch a Rajnikanth flick for the afternoon! I am so excited I could leave this post un-published :D

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Oddball friend of skeletor said...

well rajnikanth was very fond of sundays. he always said " aaj sunday hai.. toh daru peene ka din hai"

Shreya said...

he did??????? i think he could say nothing and make it sound cool, he is that awesome :]

quartertoinsane said...

i always found him da most copied hero in films...

Rishi said...


Me-Era* said... it was a cloudy sunday but i was definitely sunny! :D Nothing better than spending a whole day with family!

Cute post. I am sure you will have a smile when you read this at 81. :P

Me-Era* said...

Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


Anonymous said...

3rd COW thinks You are AWESOME! :P

Darshan Chande said...

LOL! Good, that you didn't leave this post unpublished in your excitement. :D

BTW, Do all awesome people have weird tastes? I mean, Rajnikant... awesome... just wondering! (No offense!) :D

Shreya said...

@Me-Era ... hey thanks a lot :]

I'll try and do the tag as soon as possible!

@Princess nuchu...hawwww :D

@darshan chande ... YES. Rajnikanth is AWESOME. you *must* watch him bowl you over :D

Shreya said...

@quartertosane ... yea, he is that awesome :D

@rishi.. :) back at you!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Loved the post! :)
I love sundays too..:)