Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm ancient. No, don't Google me out.

I *have to* tell you what bothers me through the day. Else it will kill me. Eat me up like an alien from within. Munch munch munch.

Morning : Should I wake up now or 15 minutes later? I could go bathless for a day. Then there is perfume. Acting shabby for a day won't hurt. And then there always is an 'evening bath' option. I don't have to tell the mother about this. Sleep baby, sleep peacefully...

Afternoon: What should I eat? Should I eat now or should I eat later? or both? Am I loaded or broke? If loaded: I think I want to eat this, this, this and that. Also that. A bit of this won't hurt either. the stomach doesn't explode. That is only a phrase. If broke: Whose birthday is it?

Evening: Now which train should I hop into? This one or the one after this? Or should I sit at the station and stare at people? Who wants to go home early and be pushed and dragged into the kitchen. Bleh. I'll wait for trains to just go.

Night: What should I wear tomorrow? Dress down or dress down? Will this be too dress-downish for work? Will I look skinny in this one? What bag? WHY DON'T I EVER FIND STUFF IN MY CLOSET? Oh, I hid it sometime back somewhere and I can't find it anywhere...

Now I am bored. Enough.

Okay. See! I let you read into my mind. You are blessed. My days are very productive that ways. No?

Double okay. I just realized my workplace-desk-neighbor is bitching about her team on the phone. I must go listen to what she has to say. And the one on the left side is prank calling someone asking for 'the rate per night'. Interesting people I sit between. BYE :D

I am cheap only.

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Nostalgic said...

ROFL, I could relate the morning part. Oh, so well!
You're funny =D

Darshan Chande said...

Not every post of yours has something for me to comment on. But yet after reading it every-time just feel like saying "I read". It's so cute whatever you write. Think such cuteness shouldn't go unacknowledged :)

So, I have nothing to comment on the post, actually. Except that it was still a delight to read :)

(This doesn't mean a promise to comment on every post, though :P) :D

Shreya said...

heheh thank you :]

bollywoodstylediaries said...

This post is really awesome!!! Dont take a bath, eat everything including ur two friends lunch boxes and take the last train home:-)next dress up like the bag lady and since u will be smelling, people will think how fab u are!!!!

et said...

Hmm.. how I can relate to this post?
Today morning I woke up and solved a Rubik's cube. And then I come to college and sit on the computer and read your blog. And then what? Eat. Travel. Music? Okay, its going to be UN-productive, very much.
At least I solved a rubik's cube..?

Pratyush said...

Wake up in yer cardboard box
All smelly an' hungry, darlin'
And the p'liceman tells you,
"Calm down, luv!
This ain't yer time to be snarlin"

"Yessir!" I say, snd scratch my face
Till the pink brain chunks fall
And the shit
I do the rest of the day
No, that ain't me at all

For my mind doth wander
Into a beauteous glade
When the sweet flutterflies
Waft by in the shade
And call me thither
To float by them, Amor!
Thine mother thou hast
Turned into an uncouth whor!

Shreya said...

@bollywoodstylediaries , heh. i always knew people like you existed just so that i dont feel like an odd crayon :P

@et... thats the way awesome poeple live their lives :] idea why you'v posted THAT, but whatever it is, it is real good :) come back here!

Pratyush said...

I hate having to explain myself. I love writing cryptic stuff. So I even it out.

What I meant was this - your normal, boring, routine, everyday life doesn't mean you're a normal, boring, everyday, routine person. Or, basically, your life's events are not what you are - that's what you have to be doing. It's what you think that makes you who you are.

Shreya said...

Oh oh oh oh oh okay :] i really dont get such stuff usually!