Thursday, July 8, 2010

On days when I'm hungry, I count sheep.

No kid or spoon or plate was harmed while shooting this picture.

PS: I din't shoot it. So, I don't really know.

I'm hungry. Mother is chatting away to glory on the phone in the hallroom. I am such a bean bag, I'm too bored to actually walk into the kitchen and grab a bite at something/ anything.

It's not like I will die.

But I hungry. I not want die. I blog. I talk. I loose headphones in local train, by the way.

I wonder what'd it be like to loose all grammar sense. I'd sound funnier. And more people would want to talk to me. You know nah, how these smart asses are, go around making fun of other non-smartasses. Talk to me and make fun of me. How sweet.

But I'm hungry. -stomach growls- Mother won't stop talking only :O

Okay. Get back to your business now. Else send your mother over to my place.

Okay don't. The phone call is over. And now she is filling me up on the family gossip. -stomach growls- Whattey family.

8 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Koshy said...

its really irritating when you are hungry and too bored to get up and your mother is chatting on the phone!!

thanks for the cute drop by again!

Darshan Chande said...

But I hungry. I not want die. I blog. I talk. I loose headphones in local train, by the way.

Hahahaha..! That line is CUTE, just like your specs, by the way!! :D

Shreya said...

@koshy, aw, no worries :) i'm going to hang around your blog! i am!

@Darshan :D thanks!

wildflower said...

losin sense of grammar is kinda cute, i nev knew..!

Pooja said...


Mum always does that to me. And now that, one of my cousins is getting married, she is busy gathering gossip all through the day!

Nostalgic said...

I swear, these family gossips would go on and on .. like forever! And our poor stomach would fall into deeeep coma after having faced so much ignorance =D ..

sakhii•• said...

hehe...this is so real ;)
n i know how it feels :/

destinednomad said...

whattey post!
from grammar pains
to hunger pangs