Saturday, July 10, 2010

Candy is sweet. And candy is fugly. And candy hurts the tummy.

I stuffed 5 cookies in my mouth and then I sat and ate them all. It was the monsoon of 2010. Chocolate cookies. Square shaped. The rain. The muck. The muck, the colour of cookies. I said to my mother. The mother looks at them cookies and says: You might as well eat the muck :|

Boy: So, what was your name again? (
acting all pricey)
Me: Shreya.
Boy: Oh....okay (faint recollection type expression)
Me: And yours? (hunting for a pen)
Boy: You don't know MY name? (looks at me like his name is seen flying in the air at all times)
Me: No.
Boy: I'm xyz. -Name changed to protect identity-
Me: (Blank expression, no reply, starts doodling in her book, gets up, goes over to the next vacant seat, continues doodling.)

And ladies and gentlemen, this is how you show people their place.

Lesson for the day.

You know the thing I like the most? Doing that. I'm always looking out for potential show offs.

I love bursting bubbles. Their bubbles.

Unless you are a show off, I'm a pretty cool drink to hang out with :]

7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Nostalgic said...

Wow, now that's what i call the-purrfecctt-attitude.
I also know a few 'don't-you-know-my-name' guys, they're so lousy, i swear!

Sugar Magnolia said...

This is so strange. Every time I visit you've just posted on something that happened to me once too.

First week in college and some semi-celebrity dude interrupts my Rushdie-reading with a "Hey, you must be ___, right?" with an expectant little swagger. I grunt and nod; he makes fish faces.

Poor, poor celebrity dude.

Oh wait, I was actually nastier than you. :\

Shreya said...

@nostalgia ... heh :D

@sugar magnolia ... i have? :D we lead parallel lives maybe...all dramatic i'm trying to make it sound :P

come back here when you want to read something that happened in your life :P

Rishi said...

so what's ur name again?

Shreya said...

VERY funny rishi :P

eNiGmA said...

The hippo faced creature, down there on that corner, today compelled me to drop a line...I admire ur writing skills and ur posts are fun :)

Shreya said...

@enigma, heeeeey! thank you :D drop by again!