Friday, July 23, 2010

City Lights shining over the City. Count sheep if you got no sleep.

I am a sucker for cute things. No, i don't go yelling and screeching in giggly tones when I see teddy bears, but I like it cute. And no. Cute does not mean pink. Cute also does not always mean babies.

I think Cute is boo! You have to check it out. Cause 'Such a cow' orders you to do so :]

PS: I was not paid in cash or kind or husbands for that publicity up there okay? Its my sincere love for art, doodles, cute, drawings, colours and artists that made me go into PR mode :]

That ways don't think I'm all that kind and all okay? That ways I only think I am awesome :P


In other news : Work has swallowed me up. I am a proud owner of *2 bags* from the North East. I'm waiting to be a proud owner of a husband from the North East now :] I watched Inception. It was very okay okay. I have no life otherwise.

Climax statement of the post: People who talk / blog about their loverboys and lovergirls are blowing it up like 9 on 10 times to make it sound super melodramatic and happening. Do not deny it. We know. Are we idiots? We are awesome people who read awesome blogs.

My loverboy lives inside the television screen...Whattodo?

PS: Thanking Boo! for a special appearance on ze bloggaaa :]

7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Manasi Parikh said...

for thee and thee alone.

Shreya said...

Haw :]

GomZ said...

Maybe its just love :)
They're excited and to them that seems normal.
For us, it seems unreal.
Love is unreal an experience most of the times. :)

Shreya said...

Hm. Maybe. but I think its more of a show off.

Darshan Chande said...

Ha! I read! Boo! Is Great! (I have no life otherwise!) :D Kidding! Love your punches!

...was not paid in cash or kind or husbands... was the best!


Anandit _ Andy said...

Lovely post! Thanx for sharing boo!

GomZ said...

I see this post and I see your next post. "Yea cows can act lovesick too. He be that hot."

I'm confused Shreya.