Monday, June 14, 2010

You, Me, the window and a tiger.

Now I shall throw a window at you if you think I'm indulging in self pity. And I shall throw you at a window if you think I'm craving for your pity. But listen nevertheless.

My new year in college has just begun. We have a couple of new classes. One being Mass Communication (which i have chosen.) So this class basically deals with Journalism and stuff of that sort which obviously does interest me. Like d'oh.

So, I enter this Mass Comm. class on day one. And there is this one smarty chick who gives me the 'whoaaaa-what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-in-a-journo-class' look. Oh and recap: Smarty chick thinks what I write is pure blah shit. True story from confidential sources.

Why be so mean?

Deal is, I never look out for appreciation. And hence, I don't expect criticism.

And when I actually do think about this tragic incident, I realize that WHOA! i'm magazine material. Not newspaper. And that is less-intelligent? True? Tell meeeeeeee.

Anywhichways, magazine or no magazine, newspaper or toiletpaper, I will see to it that I wear smart cotton kurtas and carry jholas and prance around in my brand new geek-glasses :D

BTW, Guess who joined the army of wayfarer-wearers ?? Hint : *me me me*

I am one happy cow. In your face geek. And, smarty people can go eat windows!

PS: The photograph up there, I clicked it while on the trip. It was a tiger behind a fence. And I fully intended to focus on him and not the fence. The result is for you to see :s

PPS: I'm not thaaaaaaat bad a photographer, its just odd luck sometimes :/

And like Koo pointed out, why is blogspot so super dead and thanda these days? They don't charge you for typing out posts and comments you know.

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

mass com, that sounds fun... not dat I am a big fan of journalists... nthing personal thou... n i think the pics z nice, nt that bad actually

n goodluck with the kurtas and jholas and the geeky classes :D

oRange* said...

Such a cute cow thou art!
Helloooo! Who reads newspapers anyway :O

About blogspot being thanda ..i swear man, where the hell is everyone! :(

patheticpari said...

I want wayfarers.

The photo looks like you intentionally blurred everything at the back using a software or something, it looks beautiful.

I was going to comment on this as it is. After reading that last line I actually thought of not commenting as this would suddenly make me an obedient boy. Then I commented because not, would make me rebellious. :P

The Goddess of Boho said...

If you must know, that shady shady beeech face mother fuckin whore is terrreeeebly ju-lus of how simply awesome you are.
Send her to me.
I will teach her a lesson she will never forget.
Nobody messes with us magazine journos ok?
Fact of life: newspapers are for boring people.
To understand boring people u have to be bloody boring yourself.
There you got your answer!

P.S.One hot wayfare wearing journo u will make :D

Muaaaaah <3

uglyduckling91 said...

I see the tiger! (Y)
And I don't read newspapers. Magazines ftw. Start a magazine. :D

Anty said...

The tiger looks more conspicuous now, that it's out of focus. ^_^

Shreya said...

thank you sooooooooooo much people for commenting and making me feel like this lil princess who asked for something and BOOM! she got it :P

@pathetic pari I swear i havent done any editing on the pic. apart from adding a pinch of light cause it was a bit dark, but thats it.

@GOB ... Hey GOB :D arre let's forget these people who pay us peanuts and simply start a magazine of our own :D

@uglyducking, for you and other awesome people like us, i shall start a magazine someday :)

Abhishek said...

Fact : She's only trying to bring you down cause she's insecure , if she was so sure of herself and didn't think much of you she would not bother to.

She doesn't like you and thats cause you irk her somewhere .

Since when did you start caring for approval and who is she to judge you anyway ? She fits the stereotype and she can't stand the fact that you don't and she cannot tolerate it , its the threat she feels and the best part is , you don't have to do much to piss her off , isn't that awesome :D.

Don't try to prove a point to a person who feels threatened with you around . You don't need to . Your existence is enough to make her feel irky and nervous I'm sure , its called an Inferiority complex so yeah there.

Fuck , I never noticed there was a tiger there . You can probably get her arm bitten if dear bitch does not behave. If the tiger don't help , send her to delhi , she shall stand outside in the heatwave and we fry eggs on her head.

Mr Happy said...

kool cow :), ya they dont charge for comments but ppl are too lazy to visit and read these days....