Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Owen... I'll show you things you'll wish you'd never seen.

Good dreams go through the middle hole in the catcher while the bad dreams get caught in the web and perish in the dawn.

Get me a dreamcatcher. A dreamcatcher fascinates me. The rate at which I dream, I'd be seen walking the streets with the dreamcatcher in my hand. Sometimes I don't wish to dream about things, sometimes I'm too afraid that Me dreaming about things will only get them farther from me. Does that happen? Is it true? I am in a fix. To dream or not to dream. To dream? or not to dream? There are ridiculous times when I shoo myself into being negative. I am positive about things, but again, I'm too scared things won't go my way, and then I fool myself into thinking negative. Do you do the same?

None of the above justifies my want. But I still want a dreamcatcher. I want to adorn my walls with it.

There is a movie based on 'dreamcatchers'. I was scared as shit when I randomly happened to watch it. But they are pretty, dreamcatchers, why make such horrific movies on them?

I am in the kind of a mood where I want all sorts of magical things to happen around me. I want to be this little fascinated wide-eyed girl.

For once in my life I'm hoping for some appointment (I wonder what the opposite of disappointment really is.) It almost feels filmy. Like waiting for this reply to a letter I wrote.

God? there?

I realized two things.

First, I want / wish for way too many things. Second, I am actually typing out every little thing that is coming to my mind right now. What happened to me?

Get me a dreamcatcher...

I'm extremely happy cause I finally deciphered the meaning of my Tantra tee after two whole years of owning it.

Moral of the story: There is so much to learn in life, it'd make you cry :)

Four friends hung a dreamcatcher in their cabin. It's about to catch something it cannot stop.

Title courtesy: The movie 'Dreamcatcher'.

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...Jitsy... said...

wow wow wow.....
i want a dream catcher too....
there are just so many dreams in there,,which i want to fulfill..whcih if happened would make me so happy and ,y life so different....
dreams yaa...they make you go insane....n whoever doesn't want magic...i remember waiting for a letter from hogwarts wen i first read harry potter.....:P ...m soon gonna post abt harry potter :)

P.S. : i love tantra. i own 6 tantra t-shirts as of now...one of them has the names of all the influential women on it, one with obama doning the sixties retro look or maybe is jimi hendrix, and sum oders.....tantra is so me!!!!!!!...so spontaneuos and wild! :D

...Jitsy... said...

P.P.S.: m copying ur blog design...m totally smitten by it...dont worry it wont stay long..but i jus gotta hav it...i hope u understand dis obsession...:)

Shreya said...

whoaaaaaaaa thanks for the lovely comment :)

And yea you could 'draw inspiration' from my blog design, but dont flick it completely, there got to be some originality, else there wont be any awesomeness :)

Abhishek said...

Aye keep dreaming. They do come true , most of them . Some of them don't well they work out later and sometimes when you look back you're glad that 'the dream' did not come true. Keep wanting the things you have and keep cribbing about what you can't . Thats what life is all about . Now I sound 43, I should stop commenting :|

I mean if you didn't dream in the first place, you'd be ordinary don't you think ? How are you supposed to achieve anything if you are content with what you already have ? Feel the *depth* of my words ?

You the rocksss of the starzz okays ?

Shreya said...


I loved the last line the most :D

Darshan Chande said...

For the first time I'm hearing about some thing called Dreamcatcher :P Seems interesting, the movie I mean. And your post really is, of course!